Friday, January 2, 2009

Skaters Away!

We had a fun New Year's Day adventure .... we went ice skating yesterday! Good northwest Iowa New Year's Day thing to do right? My buttocks really hurt. Not only does ice skating require engaging muscles seldom used on a daily basis, I also spent half the time crouched over my somewhat reluctant four year old daughter, pushing her around the rink with her little skalker ( sniglet for skating walker - more on that later - and see previous post). Seriously, we had a lot of fun!

Marissa asked her best friend Abby along too. It was Abby's first time skating. But, one change of wet, icy pants, a really cold bottom, and a couple of banged up knees later - she had the hang of it and was skating like a pro. Marissa had her share of spills and thrills too, but they were really too busy giggling to notice. Better their young bodies falling on the ice than mine. One spill from me and they would just have to call out the Zamboni and spray me with a very large jet of water toward the nearest door. It would not be pretty.

I did manage to stay semi-upright. No falls. Maren, of course did not go easily or quietly, as is her nature. She was all for the cute little figure skates, thought the skalker ( they are these little mini skating walkers that kids scoot across the ice and hang onto while they are learning to skate) was great, and stepped one dainty little foot out onto the ice and screamed bloody murder. You'd think Tonya Harding had just swooped by and taken a club to her knee! That left the Captain and I coaxing and sweet-talking her to try it again for a good portion of the afternoon, and once we accomplished that, we took turns stooping over the skalker while she enjoyed gliding along and looking cute. Anytime either one of us stopped doing this, she would protest - LOUDLY. Finally, it was the Captain's turn to skalk the skalker and he stood up to take a break. Maren looked at him, took pity, and proceeded to skate off without him and made five more laps, all by herself - no help needed. Little Miss Independent. She did us proud - the skating - not the attitude.

And that is why my buttocks, no, let's just be honest, that is why my almost thirty nine in 2009 year old A** hurts really bad!


Annie said...

Ha! You've got me cracking up down here in balmy Oklahoma. Actually, they did open up an outdoor skating rink downtown this year for the first time. It was kind of like skating on semi-frozen soup, but the kids loved it. I just walked out there without my skates and no one said anything to me..... the kids did fall a lot, but if it would've been me hitting the ice, I think the whole rink would've collapsed! ;-)

Kim said...

Love your post!!! Do tell where you are finding the terrific templates for pictures that you are posting!? Your youngest daughter is quite a lot like her aunt Kim. Just ask the Captain, he should remember the fun family times...Love to all of you!