Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Wii'd

What did you do this Happy New Year's Eve? We Wii'd. After receiving some very generous Christmas checks, wii yeilded to tempation and bought a Wii. It really is too funny. I am watching the Captain (the Mii dressed in griin) trying to KO Marco. Marco seems to be a bit more challenging than Ryan. I won the first family bowling tournament, and now Marissa, Maren, and Daddy are playing a nice round of golf. Maren just whacked it 60 yards farther than both of them on her first shot off the tii.
With the temperature outside in the single digits, this may be a great alternative to getting some much niided activity in over the winter break. One of our family New Year's resolutions is to have a wiikly or at least bi-wiikly (with Craig's crazy schedule) game night. It's always somewhat hard to find a game that Marissa finds challenging, yet Maren can actually get and play along on her own. This may just be the ticket.
So here's to 2009. Wii wish you a blessed and Happy New Year!


Annie said...

The Wii is a LOT of fun! Our family plays it all the time too. So glad you all are enjoying it, and, you're right, it's probably perfect for you northerners.

I thought I was completely satisfied with the Wii until we went to a friend's house last night and they had Rock Band. It was a BLAST!!!! Oh, we're never satisfied, are we! ;-)

Shannon said...

No, Wii are not. : )

Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...

Wii love our Wii indoor exercise. Wii all hope for a more fun way to exercise.

Happy New Year!

Mom said...

Game On!