Friday, December 5, 2008

Too much Peace and Quiet...

I am putting blogging to the test. See, my dear hubby is gone tonight. He is stuck in a hotel room (five star, flat screen, HD, peace AND quiet - no fair! We should have named our girls Peace and Quiet.) in Detroit, MI after flying the big three auto execs. home - nah, just kidding. He is in Detroit though. I always miss him more on the weekends - especially Christmas time weekends. The girls and I put up the tree tonight and it really was lots of fun. Beats five star hotel rooms hands down I might add. We were going to wait until Daddy got home but the girls urge to decorate a sparkly tree was just too strong. Craig and I talked it over and we went ahead and got 'er done. So, now Peace and Quiet are in bed and I am all by myself (queue Celine Dion).

Anyway, my test for blogging - will it be a sufficient distraction when I am feeling just a bit lonely and just a bit blue, AND instead of trying to tell Craig about what is going on here on the home front, I can actually show him. Oh, and by the way honey, if you are reading this, we're out of Dt. Dr. Pepper. Can you pick some up on the way home? Love ya, honey. Wish you were here.

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