Monday, December 8, 2008

Tonight's the Night!

We have some exciting news (no,I am not pregnant)! Madisen, our niece and Craig's goddaughter, is on the red carpet tonight. Not just any old red carpet I might add, but genuine movie-star-studded-Hollywood-big-budget-film-called -"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"- with- Brad -Pant - uh-I-mean-Brad-Pitt-and-Cate-Blanchett-RED-CARPET! How exciting! Truly! She plays Daisy ( the female lead role played by Cate Blanchett) at age 10.

I very distinctly remember Madisen at about two years old "performing" on the hearth of our fireplace in Bixby, OK. She always loved to put on a show it seems. If she wasn't perfoming, then she was getting all her cousins in the mix and making them perform. HMM, actress - directing, who knows? She has worked really hard at this. It's not like her dad is Will Smith or Billy Ray Cyrus (sorry, Chris). She has had to put in some long hours and her family has commuted half way across the country in order to give her a chance at chasing her dreams. So rock on, Cali Beatys! We wish her all the best and many more Red Carpet Premiers in the future!

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Kim said...

Shannon, I'm putting Maren up on my blog, hope it's alright?! Let me know if it is not so. You really are doing well with your posts!