Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weather outside truly is frightful...

I do have proof, see and that IS a minus sign out in front of that 4. This was the latest temp on our handy-dandy-indoor-outdoor-thermometer-thingy bought by my techno geek hubby. (I do find it quite handy myself, but don't tell the Captain) This is the temp, but what you can't see is the wind chill which the news said was -29. WHAT?

So we woke up to the wind howling this morning and a good amount of blowing snow. Princess Maren looks out the window to check the weather and announces, after a thoughtful pause, " We sure are going to have to use a lot of hairspray today, Mom." Spoken like the true girly-girl that she is. Where did she come from? Here I am imagining fingers and toes lost on the way to church if not properly covered and she is thinking about her hair? That's our Maren.
Yesterday was absolutely beautiful for winter in Iowa that is. Forty degrees, sunny, girls played outside for a good two hours, just long enough to earn a potty break and a cup of hot chocolate - with marshmallows of course. We had a pastor from Uganda, Titus Baraka, speak in our church this summer and in his native Bari language Iowa translated to "oh what a day". I guess whatever weather extreme we seem to be having - this is true.

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The B Keeper said...

Dear Shannon....I love your blog ! You are truly a talented writer. You always have been. What a joy to read about YOUR true joy....your family. I am so glad that we are connected again. I don't know that it can be undone now, with all these latest and greatest tech gadgets.

All I can say is that I know I am an Iowa girl at heart, but living in the south has made me a little whimpy. As much as I love the cold air. I'm thinking around 32 (+) is what I can stand. This will be a test of endurance. Who needs Ironman. If you can survive an Iowa winter, you are officially TOUGH !