Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!


Yes, we had a snow day today. The weather channel told us it was coming and it did. But they lied. We were supposed to be in the 4-6 inch area -hot pink on the radar(yes that is inches of snow) and ended up with 8 inches instead - electric blue area on radar (yes that would also be inches of snow) and we are in a blizzard warning for tonight, also with another potential storm coming on Sunday. I am not happy.

Snow days can be a bit deceiving. As a mom you think, whew, get to sleep in a bit, don't have to do the morning rush to school, no cold van with the AICD (automated internal cardioverter difibrillator - see previous post) - sounds good, yes? But really they aren't at all. Inevitably, the kids want to go play in the new snow - and it is enticing. It takes 20 minutes to find all the snow gear, get it properly attached, and in two seconds they are back in the house because it is just too darn cold out there. Then its hot cocoa and cartoons, and then, here it comes, those words like fingernails on a chalk board, "Mommmmm, I'm bored." Two hour late starts are really much more desirable. Leisurely morning, yet not enough time to get to the I'm bored part.

Really, we had a pretty good day. Marissa's dear friend Abby came over and saved the day. The girls built forts, painted pictures, played Barbie's, all interspersed with watching the really funny parts of Horton, and tonight we made cookies. Pretty fun really. I finished the Christmas cards, my novel , and the laundry. But what in the world are we going to do tomorrow?



Kim said...

When school is out in Iowa, watch out! It had to be bad. And you just made lemon aid out of lemons! Well, hot chocolate was served, right?

Kim said...

Wait a minute, I just had to go back to your post to get another look at the before and after of the snow. Wow, could you even open your front door? *I also had to take a peek at your home! You have been busy fixing it up, too!