Thursday, November 24, 2011


Our pastor likes to say if you were born in the United States, in the Midwest, during this century, you have pretty much won the lottery.  I don't think he is saying this proudly or with any other intent than to say that wow, we are blessed with so much, with so much more than many others have and we haven't done one single thing to deserve that.  Yet, we have the nerve to complain about the long pick up lines at school while we are sitting in our nice warm cars, picking up our healthy, well-fed children as we check the weather on our cell phones.  And believe me, I am guilty as charged.  I don't think I will ever have enough appreciation for the blessings I have or for the God that has given them too me.  But, today I'm gonna try.   Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've Been Pinspired

The Captain says I am addicted to Pinterest. That may well be.  I argue, better Pinterest than Twitter, which he enjoys immensely.  I'd rather be a pinner than a twit. Regardless, the internet is full of goodies and pinterest just sort of gathers them all up in one place for you.  Then you can decide what you like and don't like. What you like, you can pin.

I liked this haircut, so I pinned it to my board and then sent it to my email to show my hairdresser and that turned out pretty well.  I like her boots and her scarf too, but Rachel did not deliver on those.  If only it were so easy.

There's a humor section too, just silly stuff that makes me giggle the hours away.  Sometimes I guffaw and snort a little bit, it is that funny.  Some of these I pin, and some of these I save in my download file to reference later.  See, your "boards" get shared with others who are following you. I wonder if this is "appropriate",  but it makes me giggle for some odd reason. And who knows, maybe I'll need it someday.  A love note to the Captain or something.

Ok, so did you know that you can put warm chicken breasts into your mixer, use the paddle attachment, run it on 5 for a few seconds and get beautiful, juicy, restaurant style shredded chicken??? I KNOW!  I did this the other night and it worked like a charm.  The Captain asked me if he could lick the paddle.  That made 
me gag.

.Pinned Image

But mostly, I get inspired.  There are oodles of pins about home decor, cute outfits, crafty little such and suches, and the list goes on.  I even busted out the sewing machine.  I had some sad, sorry, outdoor pillows that I had picked up for $2 at a flea market.  They were just OK.  We have used them for a good two years and they were just tired.  Here's the before made even more gruesome with the orange shag carpet and dark brown paneling in the background. 

Dreadful, right?  

And here's the after, times two.

Side A

Side B

Bought me some reasonably priced fabric at Walmart, and got to stitching.  I like.  I pin.  

So go on over and join in the fun.  You do need an invite to start pinning, so leave me your email in a comment if you want and  I'll send you one. Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Pumpkin Carving Requires

Take note:

You need your Daddy to be home.

One missing front tooth is preferable.

Pumpkin carving also requires much concentration,

an occasional over-bite,

and a good tongue rolling.  Go ahead, you try it.  I'll wait.

It may require some unbridled Halloween excitement

and Ninja-like need to stab something. 
Then, if you're lucky, it may turn out something like this.

Hope your Halloween was happy!