Friday, December 12, 2008

Household Clean-Up Wizard... The Perfect Gift

Whoa, I really need to get that picture of Brad Pitt off my blog. It is just too distracting. Every time I sign in and see it I think "Wow, Brad Pitt must be following my blog... HA!!

So anyway, what does the IA Pilot Wife want for Christmas? Hmm, a break, a new job for her husband, tantrum proof children (not asking for perfection here) and a passenger side door lock that works.

Our lovely old Dodge Caravan has always had a few shall we say "electrical idiosyncrisies". Sometimes the left blinker comes on if you don't push the blinker lever (is that what it's called?)up all the way. Yes, this can be a problem. After going through the drive through, I have had the drivers side window sink down into the door- never to return - in the middle of winter last year. And now the door lock thing. All the doors automatically lock on the van once you hit 20 MPH. A couple weeks ago when the front passenger door locked it started making this awful, really loud noise, like someone getting defibrillated - hard. ALL CLEAR! SHOCK ON THREE! The first time it happened I really did feel like I was going into cardiac arrest. So, I have gotten fairly used to it now, but feel I have developed a bit of a tic. No wonder the "Big Three" CEO's took their private jets to DC.

Anyhow, I think I have figured out the perfect gift for us busy moms. I have this little icon at the bottom of my computer screen that always tells me "You have unused items on your desktop. Use the desktop clean up wizard to clean them up", or something like that. First, I always get a bit defensive thinking - "if you think MY desktop is messy, you should see my husband's". Being the good Dutch woman that I am, I try to keep my desktop tidy. But, I think I should have one of these installed for my house. "You have unused items in your household. Use the household clean up wizard to clean them up." For my house is truly a mess. No defensiveness - just blatant truth. Yes, that is what I really want for Christmas - a Household Clean-Up Wizard.
Place your orders now ladies!

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Kim said...

I've enjoyed reading your posts! You do have quite a sense of humor! The shock treatment that your van gives you is so very silly! LOL!