Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happily Ever After - again!

Guess what! I got married today! Or at least got confirmation of my marriage, on Facebook, to my husband. This was of great significance since I had been dating only the night before. This is also significant since I am married to a pilot who is gone quite a bit and a positive confirmation of marriage every now and then is very reassuring.

So, yes, I joined Facebook last night- pretty late and I really should have been in bed but, I thought what the heck, how hard can it be right, got my own little blog going- not too difficult. Anyway, while setting up my profile, I appropriately marked female- CHECK, married - CHECK, and erroneously thought that if you were married you would not be dating and ignored the next few options, but I guess everyone just dates by default when they sign up to FB. So leave it to me, my first FB post indicated that I was dating. Hmm, was I looking for a man or a woman? YIKES!

I just got off the phone with Captain Hubby and we both thought it was hilarious that we took the plunge again. A lot cheaper than the first time around, a little less romantic and not quite the picture I had of ever renewing my vows, since I am here and he is in Charleston, SC. We did agree though that we should have a second honeymoon - somewhere warm. It does make me look back over the past 10 - almost 11 years (Flag Day is right around the corner). Being an IA Pilot Wife is not always easy. In fact there are times it gets downright hard. But, I am sure it is not always easy being an IA Pilot Hubby or an IA Pilot Daddy either. So honey, YES, and I DO all over again! Love ya!
P.S. The Captain reminds me in his sweet comment that it has been 11 almost 12 years of marriage. WHOOPS!


Kim said...

Oh, my goodness! LOL! You are too funny! On FB you can Poke people. I poked mom and Kelly. I'm assuming that poke notifies the receiver that you were on FB and want to hear from them. They should have come up with another term. POKE could mean a lot of things. I do hope POKE means what I think it does.

'Captain Craig' said...

Wow, what a great looking couple SGB! I'm bery happy to 'do it all over again' with you!

Just one thing. We were married the first time in 1997, so that would make next years anniversary the xxth?

It must be the cold . . . !