Friday, January 23, 2009

Better Out Than In...

This is a common sentiment among nurses. Most everything is better out than in when it comes to a day in the life of the nurse and her patients. Gas (flatus), poo (bowel movement), vomit (emesis), snot (sputum), pus, (exudate) - you name it. If we want our patients to start feeling well, all of that stuff is better out than in. With the exception of blood - always good to keep that in.

This is also true for the IA Pilot Mom. After what seemed like weeks of brutal cold, it finally warmed up here a bit. A balmy 36 degrees. Lover-ly. I am serious. I didn't even have to wear my coat coming out of work the other day. Balmy Iowa. Anyway this sentiment rang especially true for the girls. It was time. Time to burn off some of that pent up energy. Better out than in.

I know I complain about the winter weather here in Iowa, but that is just part of the culture. It is required of an Iowa farm girl, no matter how long she has been off the farm. Secretly, there are things I like about it. Like sun dogs, the snow that falls so softly that you can see each individual flake (and yes each one really is different), a roaring fire during a blizzard, and the sound of kids laughing while they are sledding. The other day the whole town rang with it. The kids were at full peal.
The Captain took the girls sledding on the locally infamous "Golf Course Hill". This is a GREAT sledding hill, but also the site of a few too many concussions, broken bones, and blood (better in than out you know). It makes the IA Nurse and Mom very nervous. I tend to do better fretting at home. At the top of the hill is the clubhouse, and at the bottom is a ravine with a creek. If you are going too fast your options are either to: 1)ditch, 2)jump the ravine, 3)line yourself up with bridge and pray, 4) or fall in and die. I am sure the pictures won't do it justice, but a good memory jogger for me. This is a video of Marissa coming down, but the Captain thought she was going for option #4, so he dropped the camera to stop her.

This is M & M doing just a half hill.

A View of the Ravine

So, yes, everyone made it home safely to some hot cocoa, a very relieved IA Nurse and Mom, and a long winter's sleep. Not a muscle moved. No blood, concussions, or fractures. Like they always say, better out than in.


Kim said...

You are so right! The kids are better out than in! Vomit, diarrhea, gas, burps are all better out than in. *I think that's what I enjoyed so much about our quick trip to the Springs is that it allowed us to be at peace with our boys. OUTSIDE They didn't pick at one another. It was joyous. When it was time to head indoors they were CALM. LOVE your words about much of the wild ones in town sledding, I could here it! GREAT POST

Baloney said...

Cute! Think I just left a note on the Captain's blog. :)
My bro-in-law is from Iowa and HATES the cold. They live in Texas and he swears he will never go back!

Annie H. said...

Fun videos!! my kids MIGHT get to do that once a winter. maybe. They've taken to sledding down the grassy hill on a cardboard box, poor things, because we just can't get much of the white stuff here. I swear that it is a good thing that Luke lives here in Oklahoma... the days he can't get outside are the days we go a little crazy. It is truly a neccesity for him. I'm going to keep your nurse's motto in mind... better outside than inside. i like that!