Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random (and not very deep) Thoughts

1.It was really cold here this morning. Yep, that 's a big old minus sign out there in front of that 19.3. H*** (Marissa says I should not say the real thing on my blog) truly hath frozen over and now we are living in it. Sorry, this winter has made me just a little bit bitter.

2. Watercolors by Marissa. An interesting perspective to say the least. This is a picture of the Statue of Liberty holding a large mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. Note the size ratio between the two. To Marissa - ice cream IS monumental. Miss Liberty looks a little minty green herself -but at least she is happy.

3. Shiny Happy Maren! Check out that belt! The more bling the better for this four year old. She gravitates to it - the shiny, sparkly, glittering, blingy things in life. Let's just say she likes to her live her life with embellishment.

4. My back hurts. I worked as a RN - real nurse last night. Just 4 hours in the trenches on the med-surg floor. I love my cardiac rehab job, but sometimes I feel like a sissy nurse., so I have to get out there in the Real Nurse world. Last night it was three knee replacements, a GI bleed, CHF with compensated respiratory failure, and a large BM. Seriously. Sort of looked like this. Can't wait to go back to cardiac rehab tomorrow. God love the real nurse. Check out to read up on the turdbeast. Thanks, Baloney.

5. I woke up talking to myself this morning. Not unusual. But today, I had a Scottish accent. I KNOW! That is a wee bit strange. Must have been my date with Craig late last night. Craig Ferguson that is. I find Dave a bit too cynical. I get distracted by Jay's chin. Craig is somewhat irreverent, a bit of a pervert, but when everything is delivered in that Scottish accent, it seems hilariously funny to me. Love to get lost in that vacuum of Scottish charm. Plus, he has a pretty cute first name. More on the vacuum of Scottish charm with James McAvoy at

6. Finally, an airplane crash with a happy ending. Honestly, this is the IA Pilot Wife's worst nightmare. My heart stopped and sunk just a bit when I saw that US Airways logo floating in the Hudson River. Thank goodness the Captain was home. The Captain's company actually flies for US Airways, so that logo is too familiar to this household. Praise God no lives were lost and what a miracle! It looks like the survivors are walking on water doesn't it?


Kim said...

You covered so much and hit every note! Tell Marissa that mint chocolate chip is our favorite. And yes, praise be to God for the safe landing...I saw the coverage while working out at the glad the Captain was home...

Annie H. said...

Wow... if that isn't deep! what is!? Kim said it just right... you hit every note... high and low... glad everyone was safe and that the pilot was so quick-thinking. Those pilots are so brave and brilliant. But I don't have to tell you that! ;)

The B Keeper said...

Impressive post ! As far as I'm concerned it should have kept on were on a roll....loved it all. (gonna have to check out the scottish accent thing....;-)