Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the Lazy Mom Award Goes to...

Today, I did nothing.




No boxes have been checked off, no entries have been crossed through. The To-Do list is fully intact. I guess you could call that an accomplishment of sorts. I am not sick. The kids aren't either. I just choose, for this day, to be LAZY.

Usually Tuesdays are one of my most ambitious. I can get a lot done on a Tuesday morning with no work and no children in the house for five glorious hours. Laundry can be laundered, beds made, bathroom sanitized, groceries gotten, wall painted, floors vacuumed, bills paid, but not today. My intentions were good but somewhere along the way...well you know what they say about good intentions.

I did get my children off to their prospective places to be this morning. Then I stopped in at my parents to get my Lizzie fix - they watch my sweet 5 month old niece on Tuesday mornings. She was napping so of course I had to stay until she woke up. Gotta give her a little loving. The house was warm, the weather once again cold, and the morning dripped away like an icicle melting in the Oh-how-I-wish-it-were-Spring-sun.
I came home, sat in the chair by the patio door soaking up some Vitamin D. Read my Bible, prayed some, which then transitioned to a little snooze. I read somewhere that God probably doesn't mind that as much as I think He might. Would a parent be angry if one of their children drifted off to sleep while were quietly discussing the events of the day? Nahhh, we would just gaze at them lovingly and love the feel of their warm bodies at peace in our laps. Don't think He minds at all.

I picked up the Princess Maren from Pretty School and we went to the Library. Nothing quieter than the library in a small Midwestern town at naptime . No one was there. Just us and the books. A private party. The attendees were Little Bear, the Very Hungry Caterpiller, Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Princess Maren and myself. A great time was had by all.

Sweet Marissa and I dueted the Loud and Louder versions of "Heart and Soul" on the piano in lieu of her actually practicing for her lesson this afternoon. I am sure Shelly, her very patient teacher, loved that.
Tonight I am ordering pizza or Chinese. I am going to start that Jodi Picoult novel I checked out at the library. I am not going to feel one bit guilty.
IA Lazy Mom.


Annie H. said...

soak it up girl! moms can be so rushed and pushed that we need to take our moments and enjoy when we can. enjoy!!! (love your description of libary visit) (and glad to know I'm not the only one whose prayer time turns into sleep time at times)

The B Keeper said...

It's all good....it'll all be there tomorrow. GO FOR IT !

Kim said...

Come to think of it you did a lot. You spent time in the Word and had a visit with God. Love the picture you painted of us on God's lap resting!