Monday, January 26, 2009

Ms. Mimi Divine

When the Captain and I first started dating he would often speak fondly of his Grandma Mimi. I though awww, that's a sweet name and that was that. I think it was at my bridal shower and Mimi's friend Betty was invited and kept referring to Mimi as Fran. This being the first time I had met Betty, I thought she was a bit off her rocker. I was like Fran who? I sure didn't know any Frans. And what was she doing at my shower. But, alas I was the one confused. The Captain's sweet Grandma's real name is Frances . I KNOW!

Mimi is really much more fitting. She put the south in southern let me tell you. She is all ooze and ahhs wrapped up in that Oklahoma accent. But, don't let her fool you. She will give you a run for your money and then some. Think Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind" at her orneriest. A Southern Belle from the top of her beautifully coiffed head to the tips of her well-pedicured toes.

Today is Mimi's Birthday and we wish her happy. We won't tell you how old she is, because that would not be becoming of a true Southern Lady and this one is not tellin'. We love you Grandma Mimi! Hope to see you soon!

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Annie H. said...

happy birthday to Mimi. Your description fits. What a lady.