Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia

The IA Pilot Hubby/IA Pilot Daddy was gone this weekend. Out doing his thing, flying the friendly skies, hopefully avoiding all geese and the Hudson River. So while the Captain is away the girls often play...
...movies. I'll admit, I was sort of nervous to watch it with the girls. I knew some of the parts could get pretty intense for a four year old and an eight year old ( and even a 38 year old wimpy mom) and didn't really want the sole resposibility of taking on nightmare management single handed. Maybe a little selfish on my part, but you think of those things when you are going it alone for the weekend. But, it was GREAT. We all loved it! I had read the books a long time ago, but my memory definitely needed and enjoyed the refreshing. Here are some highlights of our evening.

1. We all huddled on the couch with Maren's comforter (a must for Maren when watching any movie) and the warm pink blanket, movie lighting just right (all lights off with the recessed lighting dimmers at their lowest - another must for Maren - Marissa too actually, well and the Captain has a thing about that too - hmm) with the girls all bathed and hair freshly shampooed. Ahhh, is there any sweeter smell for a Girl Mom?

2. We were at a really intense White Witch moment when Maren quips, " That's cute hair." I think this was the particular 'do she liked.

Leave it to Princess Maren. Speaking of the White Witch, wow, was she mean or what! Talk about Evil Incarnate. Yikes! I don't know that I will ever be able to watch Tilda Swinton act again without thinking of her playing this part. She freaked me out a bit.

3. We all nearly collectively peed in our pants at the part when the wolf showed up the first time. Seriously. They got us ever single time after that too.

4. I think the girls "got it" though. They made the connection. When Aslan was killed, Marissa looked at me and said, "that is just like what Jesus did for us". Maren just gave me a wide eyed nod. We all sniffled on the pink blanket a bit.

So a great movie all in all. The girls have been talking about it all day. Maren can't quite get the title right. I think she calls it the "Kronkinuls of Marmia", but not bad for a four year old. They can't wait til Daddy gets home so they can watch it with him just one (or two, or three, or four) more times. Thank goodness for Netflix, this one may be a keeper.


Annie H. said...

thanks for sharing a cool experience!

Kim said...

Glad to see (imagine) you having fun with your girls! -What good memories were made!

Mom said...

Sounds like a great Girls Night In to me. Can I come next time?