Sunday, January 25, 2009

Singing Sunday Morning Songs


Here's a good Sunday School memory (not sitting on the Pot, just the song), with just a little bit of Princess Maren flair and flourish at the rear end (no pun intended). Yes, we were potty training at the time (note the Big White Round One in the background) and I was desperate to do anything to keep her there a little longer. Glad those days are over, but look what came out (no pun intended) of those somewhat frustrating days. Happy Sunday!


The B Keeper said...

I want to squeeze her !! She is precious, precious, even on the pot. Love the big note at the end.

Annie H. said...

my my that is soooo cute. aren't you so glad you have that on video? fu-nny!

Kim said...

Yes, HE must love her so very much. Precious even on the pot.

Mom said...

How special you are to us, Maren Faith. It brought tears to my eyes.

Shannon, thanks that you "bottled this up" and shared this precious moment with us all.