Monday, May 18, 2009

Tulip Time 2009

I am exhausted. In a good way - like getting in a good workout and feeling happy with the results, like cleaning your windows and sitting in the recliner after you're done to watch them sparkle, like going water skiing and remembering why those muscles only let you do that one season out of the year - but man, is it ever worth it!

Tulip Festival is always an enjoyable, but hectic, time of year in these parts. All of us wholly (not to be confused with holy - although some may argue) Dutch, partially Dutch, or not even remotely Dutch people here in the NW corner of Iowa, dust off our wooden shoes and throw a little party known as the Tulip Festival. We are in our 69th year actully of carrying out this feat. Most every one gets involved, and we usually put on a pretty good show.
This year was no different except that it was way MORE enjoyable and just a bit more hectic. We were honored to have the Nieburhs (The Captain's sister and family) and Gordons (the Captain's mom and step-dad) visit. That meant 7 more warm bodies in the house. Better find yourself a piece of floor and stake your claim type of deal. I think the whole Tulip Time thing gets a little redundant and hum-drum to those of us who have experienced it since childbirth. It is a really neat thing to see it through the eyes of someone who hasn't been there, done that. Makes you appreciate it all the more. We made our list, and checked it twice, and think we got everything accomplished in due order.

Sam, Will, Max, Marissa and Maren had more fun than there is almond paste in an almond pattie. The girls are still in a state of shock and despair as they wander about forlornly looking for their cousins. Not that they didn't love have their Grandma and Papa Joe here too - because they sure loved that too.
So , I don't really know how to tell you all we did. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Also go check out my SIL's blog, KimNow, for more great photos.

The tulips were just the biggest show-offs this year, don't you think?

Speaking of show-offs, ever since the Captain saw this bike, he has been hankering to ride it in the Tulip Festival so he could show off his biking skills. I think he would agree, it was a bit harder than it looked. He did a great job though and did us all proud...

...except when he nearly took out his mom (the lady in the striped shirt crossing the street) on his Dutch Big Wheel. She did take the time to offer him a cheese curd though, so no hard feelings. Oh my, I am still laughing.
So, we are taking reservations for next year. Kent? Ready to slip on those wooden shoes? I know you miss them. Kim? Wanna scrub some streets? I think it is our turn next year. Mom? Joe? Can you HANDLE another year? Breng ons een bezoek! Pay us a visit!!

P.S. Thanks to my MIL Pat for some of letting me take and publish some of these pics. I have camera envy.

P.S.S. Baloney, if your out there, Flat Baloney got lost in the shuffle (or the shuffle, clomp, clomp of the wooden shoes more precisely) somewhere, but there is always next year!!


Baloney said...

I'm so bummed! Maybe you can find another adventure for Flat Baloney this summer?
Loved the pics. Looks like fun!

Kim said...

Yep, we are already thinking of paying you a visit in June! Kent's side has a Family reunion on June (14thish).I think Craig needs a digital camara for his 40th birthday. I know just the model and everything. I'll spread the word on my side if you'll let family know on your side. I'm thinking we could put it together and YOU would have a gift, too!

Annie H. said...

Shannon, As I said on Kim's blog, I am BLOWN AWAY by the Tulip Festival. When you mentioned it a few posts ago, I thought oh, a tulip fesitval. But it was more like a ***TULIP FESTIVAL!!!*** Wowzers! No wonder you are exhausted. The pictures are darling. Love em!