Wednesday, May 27, 2009

E is for Maren

She just can't help it. If three lines are good then a few more must be better. Maren lives the embellished life, as evidenced by the number of lines on her "E". We have talked it over, the whole "just three lines" thing, but this is what she prefers. This "E" is actually pretty mild. I have seen some papers come home with the "E" looking more like a fine toothed comb than any actual letter of the alphabet.

It is the Princess Maren philosophy - if one clip is good, then an added headband must be better. Skirts are preferred over pants, heels over flats, and can you add a dollop of lip gloss with that? It would be the right thing to do in her book.

We have made some progress. No extra "e" lines, but let's just add a nice little tree in the corner for good measure and well, "it looked sort of plain".

So, why don't you tell her? Why don't you tell that sweet little face not to add too many lines to her "E's"? Good luck. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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