Thursday, May 21, 2009


How clever are those people over at Google? What was life like B.G. (before Google)? Sort of like comparing an outhouse to having toilets and running water.

I happen to be very fond of Google. I am a Google Gal. I like the iGoogle application, the calendar, (which you can now add on a task list-did you hear that Honey?) and I especially like the artwork on the home page that they change periodically. Here's the one for today:

How is that for cuteness? Makes me smile everytime I open it. Very clever. And here is another one of my favorites:

Google, Google, what do you see? Everything apparently. (Whoops, wrong Eric Carle book.) And the very hungry Google ate through one Yahoo, two Mozilla Foxfires, three MSNs, and it was very SMART!

I think when something that was once a noun becomes a verb, then you have got it made. We no longer say, " I looked it up on Google". We say we "googled it". Maybe someday instead of saying "I did that like Shannon did" ( like everyone does right now), we'll just say we "Shannoned it".

I think my cold medicine is really getting to me. Sorry. Just go open your Google page about 5 times in a row and look at that cute little turtle and that will make you feel better.

P.S. 5-22-09: Look what they did today! Makes my mommy heart go thump thump. Yes, I am still taking cold medicine.


Annie H. said...

you are too funny and very observant, yet clever. And you articulated the point so well. Next time someone nails a blog post like you did this one, I'll just say, "you Shannoned it!"

About Spyglass said...

Yes to GOOG. We are Googleheads to the max. I was using it when it was plain jane and they had less than 100 employees (for searching for resumes/recruiting). I like their mantra "don't be evil", and I love that they keep things simple, they work, and they don't release new things until they are working (Tasks) pretty well. Tasks has been on Gmail for a while now but they finally tuned it to go on Calendar, and it'll get even better w/time.

If you don't read it, you should see the official Google Blog. Shannon I think they have a page dedicated to Google art, and you can even make your own Google art and they may use it one day.

I don't normally comment, but love reading you (and everyone's) postings...on my iGoogle page via the GoogleReader app of course!