Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember When...

Check out that beehive on Mom, would you? Check out that lack of beehive on Dad - sorry Dad. Bald really is beautiful. All in all a very handsome couple, if I do say so myself, and I do, and so did they, 41 years ago today.

I don't know that it was always easy. Don't know that mom always aspired to being a farmer's wife. Pretty sure Dad had no plans for getting Parkinson's disease. I do know they made it work when the crops were hailed out, when money was tight, when the arguments got heated, when babies were colicky, when the pies were burned. They didn't give up. Love is so often a choice, and somehow they have always chosen each other.

I'm real glad they did.
Love you both! Happy Anniversary!


Baloney said...

I like that you said LOVE IS A CHOICE. So true.
As for yesterday's "e" - Jacob's look a lot like that. The more lines the better. :)

Amy A. said...

It's good for kids to know their parents love each other.

That is a very sweet picture!