Sunday, May 10, 2009

This One's For the Girls

This was sort of a different Mother's Day - not necessarily bad - and certainly much good - but yet different. We spent it in the hospital room of my Grandma. My mom's mom. My girls Grandma GiGi.
She is in a larger hospital in the area and it took about an hour and a half to get there. My mom and I and the girls drove up to see her. I almost didn't go - thought the girls would not do too well on a three hour long round trip where in the middle, they would be required to sit somewhat still in a cramped hospital room using quiet inside voices. Just didn't know if I wanted to deal with that. This is day five of the Captain being gone and my nerves start to wear a little thin. But, the girls were great. They did so well. They gave Grandma GiGi lots of loving and sang her a silly little song that had her laughing her little blue hospital booties with treads on them off.

I love the last picture of my Grandma holding Maren when she was a baby. The smiles say everything don't they? The thing is though, every single one of my cousins probably has a picture exactly like this of Grandma holding their babies. She does love her Great Grandchildren - all 20 of them.

My mom and I had three hours to talk on the drive. You would think that living in the same small town we would be all talked out, but in the day to day rush of living life, seems like we don't have time to say the things we should, but today we did. I miss those kind of talks with my mom. Ironically, we had more of those when she lived here and I lived in Tulsa.

So, I was given the time to be a mom, to be a daughter, to be a grandaughter, all in good portion. Really a perfect Mother's Day, I would say. The circumstances were a little less than desirable, but isn't that what often seems required of us as Mom's? We find a way to make it work - and it often works out so much better than we thought it would.

P.S. Please pray for Grandma on Tuesday. She is scheduled to have surgery that day. Thanks!


'Captain Craig' said...

Great pics SGB! You're a trooper for dealing so well with me being gone this long. I'll be home tomorrow for a week. yea! Looking forward to a fun but hopefully not too hectic Tulip Festival. See ya tomorrow.

Baloney said...

That last pic is really sweet. Sounds like you had a good trip.
I will definitely be praying for her surgery!

Annie H. said...

Girl Power!!!

You took a potentially depressing day and made it a blessing. I am always inspired by you, shannon. You are a wonderful person, especially with the added dimension of TravelDaddy. Hugs!!