Sunday, February 15, 2009

O What A Thrill!

The Captain did good this Valentine's Day. Here are some highlights.

1. Princess Maren cannot keep a secret and informed me at breakfast on Friday morning. "You and Daddy are going on a date wit ee chudder." Like that. My heart melteth.

2. The Captain cannot keep a secret either. He posted a status report on FB that he was making Valentine's Days plans. Very subtle. No one reads FB.

Craig is planning for Valentine's Day with Shannon . . (sshh, don't tell her!) 4:54pm - Comment - -
You like this.

3. I came home from work Friday to a rose on the counter and he had bags packed for the M's and a bag packed for me ( I'll have to admit, I repacked) and we were dropping the M's off at the G's. (Grandpa and Grandma). FOR THE NIGHT. Can I get a WHOOT! WHOOT! Thanks G's!!

4. He had reserved a room at the Wild Rose B&B in Okoboji. We had gone there for what we figured was probably our 5th anniversary and had a nice time. So what great fun to be going back!

5. He also had made me the sweetest Valentine's Day CD. A little Beatles, U2, Tony Bennett, Micheal Buble (swoon) and the Mavericks. (make that a double swoon). We listened to it on the drive up there. Lub Dub.

6. We went out for dinner at Minerva's. Where it was martinis, salmon, grilled asparagus and really good crusty bread. Num Yummy. Did you know that asparagus is an aphrodisiac? Me neither. I KNOW!

7. Back at the room ... well that is none of your business. It's true what they say about asparagus.

8. King size bed, gas fireplace with a switch, jacuzzi tub, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne with a resealable top. I find joy in the small convenient stuff. And it is still none of your business.

9. Good night's sleep and woke up to the smell of blueberry muffins and a bright shiny day.

10. Tasty breakfast which I did not make and it was off to the Barn Swallow, one of my favorite stores at the Lakes. The captain allowed me to browse at my leisure. No rush. We found some cute stuff, giggled at the greeting cards (they have the best cards there) played with the kitties (they take in strays and the cats wonder around the store as you are shopping) and the Captain bought some really good chips and salsa. Fun.

11. Then it was back to the OC to pick up the M's. Funny, absence- even a short 20 hours-does make the heart grow fonder.

12. I had to work for four hours that night in MedSurg. When I came home, the Captain had folded and PUT AWAY all the laundry. I do love this man.


Kim said...

OOOOOh, my he really did it up welllll! What did he have in your bag before you repacked? I’m quite proud of my brother. Glad one of my siblings was having fun with their spouse. Kent and Chris spent the night together. Might just be Kelly and I who lost out!

Annie H. said...

Shannon - what a treat!!! I am impressed, and in my way of thinking, I feel that you, who live a life as a single mom a lot of the time, totally TOTALLY deserve it! Sooooo happy for you girl!

I'll be checking out the asparagus. :)

'Captain Craig' said...

Wow, I'm flattered and blushing red that you brag about me like that SGB! Although I really did enjoy doing it, you deserve it! Can we go back this week? ;)

The B Keeper said...

I oohed & aahed through the whole thing. All the while making a mental note about Asparagus.

But you got me at #12. Way to go, Craig !! :-D

Summer said...

Oh, jealousy is just a streamin' through my blood. How 'bout your husband give my husband a call and fill him in on how Valentine's Day should be done, m'kay?