Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know what you are tying to do. I have your number and it is 52 luscious Fahrenheit degrees on 2 (as in February)-10-09 in Northwest Iowa. You are easy come, easy go. Here today and gone tomorrow. You tempt me with your warm breezes, those glimpses of green grass peeking out from the dirty worn out snow, mixed with the heady perfume of thawing Iowa black dirt. I know how you are. You want me to think that you are committed and here to stay, but I am not easily fooled. You are a one day stand and tomorrow you will give me the cold shoulder.

I will, however, tip you back and drink you in and relish every drop. I'll get tipsy on your excess. It makes me think of this:

and this,

and this.

Lovely apparitions all, but, in my heart, I know you will just give me much more of this.

So, I am waiting on the real deal. You will not break me Fake and Fickle Spring-like Day. I am just not that into you.


Annie H. said...

The funny and inspiring thing about weather... it's one thing that God uses to keep us all humble. there's absolutely nothing man can do to "fix" it. In fact, we are under our first t-town tornado warning for the year right now. Your "non ode" to the weather is brilliant. I enjoyed every word of it.

The B Keeper said...

Diggin your music, ShannyGB ! (and your new title, maybe your author name for future books ?!?)
I've not heard the Jars of Clay song before. I think I'll add it to my MP3, when I can get it "unbroken". Driving me crazy.

Baloney said...

Good one!
I'm tired of this seesaw weather we have in OK. 71 then 40 the next day.