Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bath Time!

I have to admit, sometimes I really don't enjoy bath time. Let me rephrase, I do enjoy my own leisurely bath time, but do not always feel that the girls bath time is at all leisurely. Just another thing that gets put on the to-do list. There is also that fact that this task is often done solo, since the Captain is up in the air. Usually starts with the pleading to get in the tub, and by the time they are in, you need to plead with them to get out.

However, looking back over some old pictures, I do seem to have a lot of pictures of the girls taking baths. I am sure they will love that as they get older. "Awww mom, not another nekkid bathtub picture." And then I am posting them on a blog. On the world wide web. They will love me for sure. Sometimes motherly revenge is sweet.

The fact that I grabbed the camera says I must have wanted to capture this moment. Maybe I knew this event would not always be there for the taking, and I should record more than a mothers heart can remember.

Sometimes, I think there should be a different type of baby book. Not the one where a mom makes an attempt to record her baby's firsts, but the lasts. I look at this picture of M and M and can almost hear the laughter erupting from the bathroom. It was giggles and water from floor to ceiling let me tell you. Maren loved taking a bath with Sissy. This year though, legs have gotten longer, the bath tub seems to be shrinking, and Marissa in a plea for some privacy, leans toward taking a shower. Without Miss Maren. Have I seen their last bath together? Probably. I think I should have written that down and cherished every minute just a little more.


The B Keeper said...

so very true....

Kim said...

Love the black and white pics with red layout! -You can enjoy Maren being at play in the water yet! Hey, then there is always the pool. Max loves his bath still. We have trouble getting them in and out, too. Glad you were wise enough to take the pics! Love to you, KIM

'Captain Craig' said...

Great classic picture SG! Maren is almost too big to do the airplane afterwards as well! Better get the camera out!

CA Craig