Saturday, February 7, 2009

Messy Marvin turns 32!

My younger brother Nathan (aka Nate) turned 32 this past Wednesday. I can't believe my little bro is getting so old! Nah, not really. 32 actually sounds pretty good to me these days! Nate came into the world living large at nearly 11 pounds (my poor mother whose silly Dr. let her go two weeks past her due date and thus she gave birth to a small child) and has really been living that way ever since.

I used to rock him to sleep for mom and the whole left side of my body would fall asleep too because he was SO heavy. We didn't see his eyes for about 2 weeks after he was born - he was such a chunk. Wasn't long and he was the cutest little tow headed toddler there ever was.

Until he turned about 5 or 6. Then he was just a brat. Do you remember Messy Marvin from the Hershey's commercials in the 80's? Nate could have been a body double. Had the messy hair, the crooked glasses, all the goods.

He ate dog food instead of Hershey's chocolate. Mostly to torment me and my girlfriends, I think. Although we loved the opportunity to use all that eighties valley girl speak. "Gag me with a spoon!!" comes to mind. The more we grossed out, the more little nuggets he would eat. Maybe that's what's wrong with him!

So, now he is 32 and has three little boys of his own. It is great to watch him be a father to them and a good hubby to his wife Tanya. His family really went through some major changes and their share of trials this past year. He is a man of faith and is seeking God in his life and it is good to see. I think he has finally laid off the dog food, too. Happy Birthday Nate! Love ya!

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Annie H. said...

happy bday to your bro!