Friday, February 6, 2009


Today is the American Heart Association's national Go Red For Women Day. I made my five dollar donation and wore Red and a pair of jeans to work today. So did many others. It was kinda cool to head down to the cafeteria and see all the Red happening.

I am not a "causey" person. Since working in Cardiac Rehab ( where people go after heart attacks or heart or valve surgery to get their hearts stronger) I have been much more in tune to the effects of heart disease and how devastating it can be. I have had grown men break down and cry in our first session after they have had a heart attack. Women too have been teary eyed and uncertain. Having something wrong with your heart leaves you in a very vulnerable place.

Not only is the patient affected, but the family as well.
Baloney, told this story of her father passing away from congestive heart failure most likely, at the young age of 42. She was only 9. That is only one year older than my Sweet Marissa. I thought this was a neat video. Now, I am going to go take a walk.


Kim said...

How cool was that vid! It is a great cause and you do your peps proud. Love you girl!

Mom said...

I had the joy of taking the boys, including Max, door-to-door to request donations from our neighbors to help with AHA's jump rope for research and education drive. (I wasn't doing any hand holding -- I waited in the car at specific places.)

As I watched them run, not walk, from door to door for an hour and a half, I was reminded that the boys are so fortunate to be healthy. But, it is good to remind them that that isn't so with some others.

Sam is dedicating his jumps to "all the sick people." Will was definite in his decision to dedicate his jumps to "his Grandmother, Mimi."
Of course, the prizes that they will receive for meeting their goals of $75.00 each were a good incentive, too! (Yes, they plan on sharing them with Max 'cause he helped.)