Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Name that Harry

Sweet Marissa named our puppy Harry. It was a moment of divine inspiration. Or something like that. When the ball of fluff with two little black eyeballs and a pink tongue glued to it came bounding out to greet us these were the first words out of her mouth,"AWWWWW, he's so cute!! We'll call him Harry!" And so it was. We tried on other names, but nothing seemed to fit as well as Harry.

Sometimes I call him Harold. Especially when he has just leaked out a platter sized puddle of puppy pee onto my kitchen floor is naughty. I just say "Harold James Beaty" and he KNOWS. It is a weapon in the arsenal of every mother. Nothing like giving the full name treatment with emphasis on every drawn out syllable. We haven't really given him a middle name, but it works, doesn't it? James is the Captain's dad's name.

Many times when I look at him, he brings other Harrys (Harries?) to mind. When he is cute and cuddly I think of this Harry.

How would you like to have him curled up at your feet at night looking at you with frank love and admiration, girls? That's what I thought. Let's just be honest.

When he goes into the girl's room and grabs a piece of Barbie fodder to chew on in 0.1 seconds with a quick as lightning slight of paw to mouth move, I think of this Harry.

Sheesh. That's Harry Houdini and after looking at that picture, I really don't want to think of him again. Too much time in handcuffs underwater will do that to a person. So let's call in another Harry with magical powers.

Ahh, much better.

And when he is making racial slurs and partying with his girlfriend at all hours of the night, I think of this Harry.

Actually we haven't had too many problems with this issue.

Hmm, I used to think that Prince Harry got the short end of the stick in the princely looks departments when compared to older bro Wm. Maybe not so much.

Regardless, we think Harry suits Harry to a T(or would that be an H). The potty training is going quite well. He is making it through the night without having to be let out. He makes us laugh and smile at least 20 times a day, which is directly proportional to the number of times we have to let him out to do his thing. I can handle that. All in all, life with Harry (and all his alter-egos) is good. Really, who could resist that face?


Baloney said...

Harry is about the cutest pup around. Adorable! I love that name. I also love Harry C!!
I'll bet your Harry will be puddle free before my Jacob is chocolate underwear free. Game on.

the Provident Woman said...

Well the dog is a cutie. So are some of the other Harry's well one or two to be exact.

Kim said...

Yes, Harry fits!