Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend Shannon-igans

HA! What a title, eh? So clever. Wow, I am tired and here I am blogging. There should be a law. What did YOU do this weekend? Ours was crazy, so crazy. But a lot of fun.

The Captain got home on Friday night. We Wii'd. The Captain got his highest score in bowling. Finally beat his five year old. Night, Honey. Good Morning. Mow lawn. Hot dogs on the grill. Saw a puppy. Bought a puppy. Bring puppy out to pee. IA Pilot Wife 20 year class reunion. Lots of laughs and catching up. Take puppy out to pee. Night, Honey. Good Morning. Take puppy out to pee. Clean pee from kennel floor. Bye and have a safe trip. It is now Sunday morning.

Yes, I did say we bought a puppy and let me introduce you to Harry.

Quite appropriately named (ala Sweet Marissa), don't you think? If the hair fits, wear it, right? He is a shih-tzu and poodle hybrid, aka fancy name for "mutt" with a more than usual under bite. Makes him look a little curmudgeonly at times, and very "Harry" appropriate. Also happens to make him about 200 dollars cheaper than the usual asking price, so we happen to really like his under bite. Officially you would call him a shih-poo. I hope he does not officially "shih-poo" all over my house. Really though, who could resist a face like that? The Captain finally got his boy.

On to the class reunion and that would be my 20th. Yikes. Typing that hurts a little and makes me cringe. I really had mixed feeling about going, even though it was only a three mile drive to the activities. You know, the angst. Who needs to be reminded of all that high school angst? I feel like I had had my share. I'm so glad I went though. It was a lot of fun re-connecting. Some of them I had not seen since tossing our Floyd Valley Thunderbird mortar boards and tassels back in May of 1989. But, somehow we survived. Our graduating class numbered *drumroll* 27. Yep, that's it. Way back before all the smaller Iowa schools got taken over by gunpoint consolidated with a larger neighboring school district. I pretty much went to school with the same two dozen people give or take a few for 12 years. We were like one big happy (albeit very dysfunctional) family.

We had all changed over the years, well except for Ruth, and that is said in a good way. Some of us lost hair, others put on a little weight (that would be me) and yet there were things that remained essentially the same. Somehow we all turned out pretty well, I think. We reminisced about teachers - the good the bad, the ugly and the "dang he was hot" - yeah, we had one of those. Mostly though we were blessed with exceptional teachers in our school who impacted many of our lives in meaningful ways. We remembered the pop can incident, the vomit which induced more vomit incident, the secret crushes, and many things that I had no clue about. Wow, who knew?

We decided we were going to do a destination reunion next time. Maybe Vegas, maybe Seattle, but you can count me in! And yes Honey, we'll go to your next one too.


Beaty Bloomin' Blessings Blog said...

Oh my goodness he is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the pee thing.

Baloney said...

I love reunions!!
I was thinking more poo-shitz but hey. And he will do plenty of that on your floor. ;o)
Harry is adorable. Have fun with him!
Loved your title. You should use that anytime you want to do a catch-up post.

The B Keeper said...

oooh, a "designer dog" ! Is it ok to Shih-Poo or even Poo-Shih....in mixed company ?

That first year. Sigh. Ours turned one year in May. We had gotten her when she was 9 weeks. Ours is a designer Puggle. (Pug/Beagle).

I had never trained a pup before. How bout you ? Mr B proudly announced that he had trained many puppies (really I think it was probably his mom). It wasn't until the sweet pooch pooped on the floor in front of him, that he said....."ok, buy a book".

You did have a very eventful weekend. Glad you enjoyed the reunion. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselved in the photo. Oh the stories....

Looking forward to Harry being in the witty Beaty Christmas card !!