Friday, August 21, 2009

I Fine.

There is a couple in our church small group who has the most adorable daughter, blond curls, dimples, the whole nine yards. Tyra would get shy at times and when in situations where she felt a little bit uncomfortable her eyes would get all teary, her chin would quiver and she would tearfully soothe herself and repeat over and over again in her three year old lisp, "I fine. I fine. I fine." and eventually, she would be.

That's sort of how I felt all last week.... I fine. And you know what, I am. The first day of school went just peachy. The Captain and I went for breakfast. Alone. I did some shopping. Alone. I got groceries. Alone. I fine!

The girls are fine too. Marissa looked so grown up in her little jean jacket, and it was fun to watch her show Maren the ropes. She is a GREAT big sister. Maren did great too and sort of shooed me out the door as I was leaving her room.

I picked them up afterwards and they were all smiles and information. I am sure we are still in the honeymoon phase of back to school life. I told them I was going to go shopping with Grandma that night to get them a few things we still needed for school. Maren crawled on my lap and in all her drama says, "But Mom, you can't go, I just love you too much and sometimes I love you just a little bit more than Daddy." She was playing all her cards, let me tell you. Funny thing is, when the Captain is gone, Daddy is the one she loves more. Then I told her I was going to buy her some new shoes and she shooed me out the door again. But, for just a second, I reveled in the fact that my baby still needs and loves her momma.

I fine. I fine. I fine.


Baloney said...

I glad U fine. I've had to days of freedom and I love it. But I also miss my little boy. Preschool 4 days this year. So glad we will have pj Monday. :)

Karen Dykstra said...

Shannon, you brought me to tears, again. All 3 of my girls are going through the firsts and lasts of their lives--1 sending him to preschool, and 2 sending their last to kindergarten. Brings back a ton of memories!!

Anne said...

such a sweet sweet post.

The B Keeper said...

Oh my goodness....look at how tall Marissa is ?!? I bet she is a great big sister. Little sis had much comfort in knowing that she was there in the same building with her.