Saturday, August 15, 2009

Say Cheese

My parents have eight grandkids. Half of them have birthdays in July. How many of Bennet and Twyla's grandchildren have birthdays in July? (Just a little story problem for those of us getting ready to go back to school.)

Maren's birthday is on the 4th. Emma's is on the 16th and Mason and Marissa share the day on the 26th, with Marissa being 365 days older. How many years are there between Marissa and Mason? Wow. You guys are sharp. We did a combo birthday one year and sent out empty M & M wrappers - one plain and one "with nuts" - as invitations. Which grandchild would be represented by the plain and which one would be represented by the one with nuts?

Instead of doing lots of little parties, we all get together at Chuck E.'s place and just let them off their leashes like a bunch of wild animals. It works well, and Chuck has to clean up. I'm all for someone else having to clean up afterwards. Here are the highlights. Apologies again for the pictures. Chuck has some weird lighting going on at his place.

Here's Emma - looking lovely and grown-up. Emma just got her hair cut and donated 11 inches to Locks of Love. She had some serious hair going on.

Here's Maren and Mason. Maren thinks Mason "never really plays with me". Now we know that's not true. We have a photo to prove it. I think she is enjoying herself.

Here's Marissa learning how to be a compulsive gambler after winning the jackpot on one of those hit the button while the light is in the right spot games.

Here's Kleyton. This child never takes a bad picture.

See what I mean? Even the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza couldn't ruin this shot. Hi Tyeson, you sure do look cute too.

As opposed to this guy. The pizza must have given him a little indigestion.

Even his sweet daughter is scared. And worried.

Here's the Vaas boys. Nate's Three Sons.

These apples don't fall far from this tree. Poor Tanya.

Here's Kleyton again. He emotes fake agony so well. Don and Michelle paid about 38.95 for that "magic" nail through his finger.

And last, but certainly not least, is half of the partnership that started this mass chaos. Somedays, Dad has a hard time finding things to be joyful about. Even smiles get tough with Parkinson's disease. Not tonight though. If there's anything that makes Dad joyful, it's hanging out with his kids and grandkids. And that is clearly written all over his face. Say Cheese! And thanks again Chuck!

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Anne said...

you are my hero.
I can't take the old Chuck E. Cheese anymore.

If we get invited there, I politely say that my grandpa is in the hospital.

But you seem to handle it so well. Pictures and positivity and all.

Well, except for the wild animal comment anyway.

I do love July babies; I have one of my own!