Tuesday, September 1, 2009


SKAAAAAATE! This is the Captain's battle cry when he decides to challenge his almost 40 year old body with another go at the skateboard. He seems to have passed his enthusiasm, his talent, and his actual skateboard on to his daughter. She has been a little leery about this in the past, but gave it another chance this weekend, and by gump, she likes it!

She says her skateboarding motto is "Safety before fashion". I am sure those soccer socks pulled up to her knees will be the next big thing in skateboarding fashion mags. She may have some of her mother in her after all. Both the safety and the fashion.

She skates goofy foot. Not sure what you are? Check here. I know you are dying to find out. Goofy foot suits Marissa too. She likes goofy in all things.
She's looking pretty good, eh? Like a chip off the old goofy block. She also had her first viola lesson this week. A string instrument is new and uncharted territory in both the Vaas and Beaty clans. She taught herself to eek (or should that be shriek) out "Twinkle, Twinkle" this week with a little help from her friend Abby. A study in contrasts -goofy foot skater and viola player. That's my girl.


Baloney said...

Hooray! For once I'm REGULAR. :)
What a cutie. A viola playing Sk8ter girl.
BTW - I need you to vote on my poll, not just in the comments. And I really, really like your vote.

Anne said...

hey there!

we have our own little sk8ter ourselves. Daddy has been taking him to the local sk8 parks, but mommy says he can't go anymore because the true bred sk8rs use really really foul language. I think that's what you need to be a real sk8r: tattoos and a potty mouth. sorry to be so stereotypical, but I don't think your sweet sk8ters safety socks are going to cut it. ;-)

'Captain Craig' said...

Totally rad Dude!

She'll be pulling switchfoot nollie alley-oop airs in no time!

Rissy, just don't ever ride and play that viola at the same time!

Luv, Daddy