Monday, September 14, 2009

Falling (Barrelling?) Into Fall

As Labor Day becomes a distant memory and the end of daylight savings time draws near, I have given up the fight. Resistance is futile. Fall seems to have fallen. No need to test the water, might as well jump in.

So, we did. At the Hospers Swimming Pool for a Last Day of Summer Labor Day Hurrah. THIS was my old stomping ground. I spent many a summer day at the Hospers pool. I can smell the baby oil and the burning flesh (my own) as we speak. The pool looks much better than it used to, after the town gave it a much needed overhaul a few years back. Zero entry, clear water, and an "AWESOME" (Marissa's word exactly) slide that leaves you off short of the water by a good three feet or so with a little acceleration and force. See?Here's the Captain. Like a shot out of a canon. Like a bullet out of gun. Like a movement out of a bowel. (Sorry, I'm a nurse.) Marissa voted this "the best slide ever". Maren decided she would go off the board "all by myself" (with a little help from her lifejacket) so she wiggled to the end of the board and delicately stepped off. No problems or help from mom and dad.

Then it was on to the "Barrel of Fun". I had forgotten about this marvelous piece of playground equipment until my classmate, Liz - a former Hospersite herself- mentioned it on Facebook. Have you ever noticed they just don't make playgrounds like they used too?

We rocked. We rolled. And just generally felt like a bunch of overgrown hamsters on a wheel. We did have a "Barrel of Fun" though. Come on, sing it with me and feel that polka beat, "Roll out the barrel..."
That last day of summer plumb tuckered us out.

Better stick to my day job.


@nnie said...

ahh... the last few breaths of summer. i have resigned myself too, but i love the cool dampness of the entering season. this is my favorite time of the year, but i do not have to worry about the oncoming subzero temps like you and captain.

By the way, that barrel looks like a blast! I have not seen one of those in OK, ever! My kids would love that.

Note to self: Visit IA for the Tulip festival, stopping at the cool playground with the barrel thingamajig.

Shannon said...

Seriously Annie, you and Kim should come on up for Tulip Festival! And I haven't even blogged about the cool fire escape slide in Maurice. : )

miranda kay said...

wonderful!! It was wonderful to see the video; you have a great voice, don't think I've ever heard you sing before. :) Glad the girls are off to a great start for their school-year. It was fun seeing them on Skype soon after I arrived. They're beautiful girls. And for the record; Hospers has a few fun things for a po-dunk town in Iowa. :) tell your crew hi for me. I miss you guys

Baloney said...

Can you crop that hat out of the pic? And LOL did you just call your husband a turd?

The B Keeper said...

Loved joining you on a trip down memory lane. I leave you with the delicious smell of baby oil in my nose and "Roooll out the barrel" stuck in my head.

As always, I enjoy you.....

@nnie said...

Missed the video on the first go round. That was great entertainment! See you this weekend!