Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Fights

Sweet Marissa has a good friend named Abby. They were in the same class in second grade and we found out that she lived just down the street. They get along like butter on white bread and have been steadily wearing down that street between our house and theirs ever since.

Last week Friday, we invited her parents, Sue and Dennis over for dinner and a couple friendly Wii boxing matches. Actually, the Captain and I didn't say a word about the boxing matches, but we did make them sign a waiver the minute they stepped in the door that anything they might say or do in the course of the evening could be used against them in this blog. Then we served them a nice steak dinner. NAHHHH! Well, we did serve them a steak dinner, that much was true. It was a nice relaxing enjoyable meal with good conversation and good company. I almost felt like an adult.

But, as the following pictures show, we did entice them into a couple matches of boxing. Nothing like seeing a man and wife try to KO each other. To protect the names of the innocent, I won't tell you who went down for the count. Dennis.

We laughed. A lot. We laughed until we snorted.

We laughed until we snorted, cried, and had to run to the bathroom. I love this next shot of Marissa and Abby at full cheer in the background. Too cute.

Seriously, we are so thankful that Sweet Marissa has found such a good friend in Abby. She is sweet and respectful, and she challenges and encourages Marissa to do things that she might not have done on her own. I think that is a very positive reflection on her parents. Dennis and Sue's older daughter Miranda is working with YWAM in Taiwan. You can follow her blog here. Her spiritual maturity and love for Christ is so apparent and very inspiring in a twenty-something year old. Another positive reflection on her parents, I think.

The adults were accused of "hogging the Wii all night". What? We just played a "couple" games of bowling, golf, tennis, boxing, and Mario Cart. Ok, girls, maybe you're right. Sue, Dennis, we're up for a rematch. Anytime. Game on and thanks for making last Friday night so enjoyable!


miranda kay said...

yes please! thanks so much for posting those pictures; you better believe I heard about it from everyone after they got back that night. They had such a good time. We thank God so often for Marissa, and your whole family! I really do miss you guys!

Baloney said...

And I thought this post would be about sibling rivalry...

@nnie said...

in the end it looks like a fun time was had by all!! It's funny how the Wii is pulling families together for stuff like this. That's what they thought the TV would do years ago, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. Glad to hear from you and I will be seeing you soon!

Dandy said...

I love the expressions on your faces while you are boxing!