Friday, September 18, 2009

40 X 3

Forty years in the grand scheme of things is a drop in the kickable bucket, just a few steps up the inevitable aging hill – right? Well, I'm just trying to make the Captain and his nigh-on-to-elderly triplet siblings feel better. Really, you three are getting just plain old. I have one more year to say that and I'm running with it. So I thought I would get the scoop from my old decrepit husband. Words in italics are IAPilotWife add-on's.

How do you feel about turning forty?
It’s all good – but thought I would have more done on my personal to do list. (not my wife’s) But the good thing is I only look like I am thirty five. (ok, maybe 36)

How does it feel to be a triplet?
It’s all good too. Always had someone to hang out with (read bounce around the womb with) Always had someone to learn from, share success with and had to learn to cooperate and empathize early on.

How does it feel to be a forty year old triplet?
Since we are separated by thousands of miles, I miss them, but it is always fun to get together with all the kids.

What is your birthday wish for Kim?
Wishing her many “Calgon moments” in the future-she deserves every one. (amen to that)

What is you birthday wish for Chris?
That he stays the “Red Rocker” that he is and that he continues to live out the faith hope and love that the three of us know in Jesus Christ.
What are your plans for the next forty years?
Start my own business; become an entrepreneur, eat more fiber, continue to glorify God with my life. Love my wife, girls and others and break 100 on my golf score.

Do you think your wife is a dork?
Only when she inadvertently calls me a turd. (Sorry honey, I was just talking about the mechanism of action.)

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment to date?
Being a daddy to Marissa and Maren and not crashing a 50 seat jet.

Kanye or Taylor?
I strongly dislike crossover teenage country pop, so I have to give it to Kanye only because I dig his tatooed haircut.
Seriously honey, have a happy birthday. Glad to be spending it in OK with your family. I love you A LOT! : )


Baloney said...

Funny. I love it!
Are you in t-town?

The B Keeper said...

Love the interview ! (keeping a note for future blog posts).

Happy 40th Birthday, Captain !

you ARE old.....I have a few more months to run with it as well.... :-)

@nnie said...

Hey Hey Hey!
The blog title was clever, as was the interview of captain.

I've been Watching the triplets grow for 25 years. Where does the time go?

It was great to see you and yours for a while this weekend... I am used to seeing you all, but in person, it was even better. Sweeter.