Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Not much going on in the IA Pilot Wife household this weekend, which is fine. Really. I was ready to regroup and realign and renew and all that other good re- stuff. Word of warning, the weekend highlights are not so spectacular, so if you're expecting lottery winnings or octomoms or AIG death threats - you need to go read yourself another blog.

1. I splashed myself in the mouth with toilet water/toilet bowl cleaner residue water as I was paying homage to the weird Dutch gene and getting particularly aggressive with the grungy toilet bowl. UGH. Super Ugh. Ugh on steroids. (I warned you to keep your expectations low. ) So if I die of septicemia or toilet bowl cleaner poisoning in the next couple days - you heard it here first. Things can only get better, right?

2. I did get my house cleaned. Curse the weird Dutch gene.

3. Princess Maren greeted me by crawling in my bed EARLY Saturday morning with her happy shiny face and no fever. Why is it she always wakes up early on Saturday morning and on any other day of the it takes a stick of dynamite and a small crane to get her out of bed? WHY? Glad she is feeling better though and a cuter alarm clock is yet to be discovered.

4. My relatives in Denver, Wichita, and Tulsa all got snow this weekend. Iowa did not. When does that ever happen? Sorry ya'll, but I am secretly smiling inside - just a little - and just this weekend - because I know things could look much different different here down the road.

5. Marissa and I watched the end of the Incredibles on TV together Saturday night. Did you know she has this spot just below her collarbones where she is REALLY ticklish. If we are sitting in the chair together (which we were) it is in the perfect spot to inconspicuously pretend that I am going to give her a hug (which I did) and go in for the kill. TICKLE TORTURE. It is always good to check (which I also did) if she has gone to the bathroom first (which she had). Fun.

6. I had homemade tamales and buneulos for lunch today. Can you say delicioso? Muy Bien? Magnifico, excellente, y mas por favor? Our church started a Bible Study to reach out to the Hispanic community in town. They, in turn, wanted to reach out and do something to help those less fortunate than themselves. So, they made homemade tamales and buneulos to sell to the congregation and all proceeds would go to The Bridge here in town. They made over 1200 tamales. Talk about a ministry. In word and in deed. It left quite an impression on my mind and my heart, but also on my waistline I am afraid. Thanks ladies!

7. And now for the lucky number seven. The best part of my weekend was the 59 minutes and 26 seconds I spent talking to my good friend in Tulsa. She is stuck in a motel room by herself after receiving a radiation treatment and for the safety of her family and others has to remain there until Wednesday. See, we had sort of lost track of each other over the past couple years, and they have obviously been a bit trying for her. Yet she considers herself "lucky" and "thankful". The prognosis is good.

As we talked, so many memories came flooding back - a Yorkie terrier wreaking havoc on our apartment kitchen over the course of a night shift, me backing into the parking lot support pole and chocolate muffins flying all over the car, crushes on Dr.'s later found out to be "happy", and always wondering if Arlene, while nodding off at the desk, would fall out of her chair and what in the world would we do if it did happen? She is a good friend. The best.

We had a lot to catch up on. Families and disappointments, Parkinson's disease and diabetes, Iowa versus Oklahoma, CHF and dementia, and Norwegian scabies. Yep, scabies. Really. I'm praying for you, girl! Love ya!

So, all in all, a pretty fine weekend. Toodles!


Baloney said...

Wow - did you learn your Spanish from Dora?! LOL.
Hooray for the fever being gone. And since you are laughing at us for the snow, I will laugh at you for the early Saturday wake up call. Oh, wait... I had that to. With a 6 a.m. hail storm and a little boy who pee'd his bed!
Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope things are looking up for her soon.

Shannon said...


The B Keeper said...

Look at that picture of the two of you ! What are you celebrating ? And look at all that hair you have, my dear.... ;-) From one "hair girl" to another.

Sounds to me like you had an adventurous weekend, minus winning the lottery.

Even if you didn't perish from the toilet water, does it make a difference the next day....kinda like blue frosting from a birthday cake ? blech.