Monday, March 23, 2009

The Twilight Zone

It was a long weekend. Princess Maren was sick. High fevers, a little bit of congestion - she stumbled into my bed at 3 AM on Friday and whimpered that her "hair hurt". Poor thing. It does feel like that when you have a fever. So I doled out the ibuprofen, let her snuggle her hot little body next to mine where she promptly fell back to sleep, but I was wide awake, my mind scrambling about what to do about work in the morning. The girls only get sick when the Captain is gone you see...

I had to call in, which definitely made this Monday a bit more hectic. The Princess started feeling better on Sunday, but still woke up with a low grade fever that morning. No church, no Bible study, and not much face to face adult interaction all weekend. I was going a bit nuts, whacky.... how many kids movies could I endure, how many games of Word Challenge could be played, I even attempted Mario Kart on the Wii in an effort to keep Sweet Marissa from going nuts too. I am really horrible at Mario Kart. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Early Sunday evening, my mom stopped by and since the Princess had been pretty much fever free for all of eight hours without the help of drugs, I asked mom to stay with her so I could catch a break. Whew, what freedom is there in backing the van out of the driveway - alone. Is that bad to say? Can't help it - it is how I felt.

I went to the movie rental place in town, not really intending to get a movie for me, but maybe the M's would appreciate seeing Bolt. That was available, and then I just checked out what else was available. That's when it happened. I was walking by the T's and the air got chilly and a fine mist rose from the video display and TWILIGHT leaped into my hands with incredible speed and force. And then the case opened its jaws and attacked my neck, and warm bl.... nah....told you I was getting a little stir crazy.

I have resisted the whole Twilight thing for a long time. Isn't the whole premise and story line geared to the young adult audience? I have long been removed from that age bracket. Yet I have heard women my age positively swooning over Edward Cullen. No one has more FB flair dedicated to him than Edward Cullen. Also, I do not find vampires the least bit interesting. Too cold, too creepy, too bloody, too goth... whatever. Lastly, I inherently do not like things that I think have been too hyped up. But, in my weak minded state I did relent to the powers of Bella and Edward, and found it to be a pretty darn entertaining movie. Yes, even vampires become entertaining if they are wrapped up in an intriguing love story. I do think Ed needs to pluck some 'brow and ditch the white make-up and lipstick. Just a bit too distracting to me.

Now I need to decide, should I resist the books, or just take the plunge and get it over with. What's a girl (or higher than young adult age bracket mom, in my case) to do? I can probably get a good start on them next weekend when it is my turn to be sick. That's what you get when you snuggle in bed with a hair hurting four year old - but who can resist? Ed Cullen's got nothing on that.


Annie H. said...

a few things..
1) the "hair hurts" comment got me... oh my, bless her poor little hair hurting heart.

2) it is so true... things go wrong, kids get sick BY LAW when the husbands are out of town. Next time, call me. I will sympathize big time.

3) i cannot comment on Twilight. Looking for a little guidance myself. So, uh... let me know!! :)

p.s. hope your girl is much better! (just in time for Craig to walk in the door) :)

Annie H. said...

oh, and one more thing...
i can't tell you how many times I've had that "thank you Lord" feeling as I step away from my household for a short time. Yep, I admit it!

Baloney said...

Mine usually split their head open or something fun like that when Doc leaves town. Thank goodness he rarely goes anywhere!
BUY TWILIGHT - read the book before watching the movie. I loved it! People who do not care for vampire books appreciate this one. It's a love story. Will make you feel like a teenager again. You HAVE TO read it. :)

Amy A. said...

Don't resist the books! They are much better than the movie. (At least the first book is). They are so much fun! You need to ask Becky at the library all about it.

Hope Maren is better! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. (And now you know my little secret, too). :)