Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breng ons een bezoek! (Pay us a visit!)

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Princess Maren triumphantly told me so as I was picking her up from pretty school.
So that means we are a little closer to this.
Where you can hear a little bit of this.

And there will be tulips (hopefully) and green grass, and leaves on trees and lovely warm breezes. Oh My!

Or if you think all that Dutch stuff is way overrated, just stop by anyway and we can sit on the deck and have a beer or a glass of wine and we'll write sonnets to Spring. Either way, fine with me.


The B Keeper said...

ooooh, I love the marching bands in the parade ! And in clogs, too....everyone's feet must hurt after this celebration. Is there some kind of training to prepare for such footwear ?

Kim said...

yea, baby, we are comin

Annie H. said...

would love to visit.
Your description is irresistible!