Thursday, March 5, 2009

Connecting or Community or Both?

The novelty of Facebook, Twitter, blogging is still pretty new too me. It is easy to get sidetracked by, no make that addicted to all the above. I used to complain that the Captain spent wayyyy too much time on the computer, but now have to admit that I am giving him a run for his money.

I especially like what I term (for lack of a better one) leapblogging, I go to one of the blogs I read and pick just one of the blogs they read and so on and so on. There are some really talented and creative people out there! And Rush Limbaugh gets paid for what he does? I could argue there are many out there in the blogosphere that I would rather hear from and probably pay them to do it. Anyway, I digress.

But when do you slide down that slippery slope of spending too much time online, of foregoing your offline life (right now I am ignoring my offline life of cleaning my house - a clean house is way overrated anyway right) to connect to your online "community". Can you even call that a true community? Hard to say. Click here for an interesting discussion on just that subject . I do know that I have enjoyed Facebook and blogging tremendously for a few reasons.


First of all there is Word Challenge - nuf said.

Secondly, I have found it so much easier to connect with far away family and friends. You get these little glimpses into thier lives that you miss with a phone call or even an email, and these are the things that real life is made of. The Captain's family went out to a Japanese restaurant in Derby, KS and posted some great pics of the event. So, even though we were not there, I still feel connected to the event and in that feel more connected to them in their lives.

My friend Dawn got flowers from her mom the other day and she posted that on FB. Would she have called or emailed to tell me about that sweet gesture from her mom? Probably not, but I'm really glad I know about that. Knowing Dawn and knowing her mom and knowing Dawn lost her Dad a few years ago, it warms the cockles of my heart and makes me love my dear friend even more.

Another college friend and I have recently connected on FB. She has been struggling with thyroid cancer. I knew of this diagnosis, but did not know about the four surgeries thereafter. I did not mean to lose touch with my dear friend, but it happens in the keeping up with the day to day of your life. Not intentional, but just a can't seem to get to it in all the to-dos on the list.

So in that respect, I am glad to lift my head up from the things I think may be important (like cleaning house) and realize friends should not be put at the bottom of that list.


Blogging is a great outlet for me. Some of the things I have learned from my blogging friends have been very beneficial to my life of late.

Annie has taught me that even though her hubby is gone a lot too and though she may vent about the circumstances, she NEVER vents about her husband. Period.

Kim. Did I really ever know my sister-in-law? Did I take the time? I love hearing what she has to say and enjoy every minute of connecting to her life.

Did you know the Captain has a blog? I KNOW! I think I have come to appreciate more of what the Captain does on a daily basis. I am thankful he has a "job" that he loves. This is my favorite post. A Pilot Poet perhaps? Be still my heart.

Baloney has taught me to stand up in all circumstances for your children. She puts the pro in active in being in her child's corner. I have learned something from that. My kids need to know that they ALWAYS have someone in their life that has their back.

Dawn has taught me that friends are friends forever. That good friends are like bikes, you can just hop right back on and enjoy the ride. I am glad to have the easy graceful rhythms of her friendship back in my life.

Pioneer Woman. I think Pioneer Women is well on her way to becoming the new Oprah. She makes me laugh to the point of snorting! I am thinking she must be taking out computer screens one quip at a time as all her readers collectively spit out our morning coffee (or Dt. Dr. Pepper) in true LOL fashion. Laughter is good medicine.

I have also loved reading my FIL's blog. Another one that has me ruining my poor computer screen. Whether is is Maggie (that's the dog, not my MIL to clarify) pooping where she is not supposed to, or the underline that mysteriously appears halfway through the post - it makes me laugh - hard. That Beaty/McGough family tree has some writing talent and I love catching up with them.

The McGoughs and the Van Zees have recently adopted. There is the tiniest whisper in my heart about this.

God can work good out and in and of all things, but the devil can certainly charm as well. All things in moderation - seems a good place to stop. I really do have to rescue my house from the vermin that have overtaken it. What? You say those are my children? That explains everything.


Annie H. said...

Dear Shannon,
I wrestle with these subjects myself. But like you, I do find great inspiration just a click away and find it pretty amazing (AMAZING) that you and I are able to connect in such a interesting (if impersonal?) way after all these years. I adore your blog - your depth, your realness, your humor and feel like I know you better now than I ever did. Blessings.

Kim said...

It's Sunday, the day of rest. But as I write this I'm putting off the laundry mountain. Before blogging I made time to do one load a day. Yep. I'm slacking off mom duties. The boys are going into boot camp today though. It's part of my new plan to keep me blog hopping (thanks for the new term). *I'm gonna give them more responsibility and me a little less....

The B Keeper said...

Girl you rock at many things....
1. being a great friend, even after many years of being apart (never again w/ all this technology at our fingertips).
2. writing - your blogging is awesome. I always look forward to a new post.
3. being real & funny. And funny...oh and real. I love that about you.
4. And the word thingy on FB ! What ?! You are a word master....nuf said :-D

Baloney said...

We need to be FB friends. Are you a Scrambler?!
Thanks for the nod. I learned that lesson the hard way, unfortunately - but at least I learned it early on.
Adoption you say? The Story of Jacob is looming and ready to be written. Might be of interest to you!!
I love your blog!! You are like Annie to me. In all circumstances appreciative.
But reading this today when I have come home to iron and finish laundry, etc. I feel convicted. Here I sit... at the computer... once again. :)