Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shannon Needs...

So, I got tagged from Miss Annie over there in the OK who is Having a Ball and I thought this looked pretty fun. I had seen some of these responses floating around on FB, and some of them are pretty darn funny and then some of them seem to hit just a bit too close to home. Anyway, here goes:

Shannon needs rocks in my dryer. (can add them to the collection of dried chewing gum residue and the ongoing ink pen explosions) I had to rearrange this sentence to make it work. Then I opened the link and saw Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer had already done the Shannon needs thingy. I entertained the thought of just using her list, but that would be cheating, right?

Shannon needs help. AMEN and AMEN

Shannon needs financial help. Please donate. (it really did say please donate - seriously)

Shannon needs cats picture gallery. (No thanks ...I'm really more of a dog person.)

Shannon needs to do her homework. (how did Google know that? I do have a PALS re- certification tomorrow - otherwise not much homework in my life)

Shannon needs to stomp that Latin out. (Hmm)

Shannon needs more ammo. (that is a bit scary)

Shannon needs to come back to Newfoundland. (never been, but wouldn't mind checking it out)

Shannon needs to visit a dentist. ( got my appointment scheduled for 3/26 at 9 AM)

Shannon needs football players. ( if you insist - as long as they are the hunky types)

Ironically, I had already heard of the blog Rocks in My Dryer from reading Annie's blog, and had been rummaging through her last few posts just last week. And my oh my, another mucho talented OK blogger. I clicked on her "best of "category and found this. That is what I really needed to hear on this day. The good Lord does work in mysterious ways... to meet our "needs". Thanks Annie, that was FUN.

I'll tag the Captain, Miss Dawn (the Queen B), Kelly, and whoever else wants to join in the fun... I've gotta go stomp that Latin out with those football players. ; )


The B Keeper said...

Oh, what we find when we "leapblog". Love that word. By the way, have you started Zumba yet ? Maybe that's where you'll stomp out some Latin w/ some football players....let me know how it goes ! :-)

Kim said...

Hi, Shannon! I get so much enjoyment out of hanging out at your need a 4 star rating...

Baloney said...

Make a video of that stompin' - would ya?
I did my list but it will be up next week while I go visit my sis.

Annie H. said...

Thanks for playin', Shannon. Amazing how entertaining Google can be. Ha!

Annie H. said...

P.S. I liked your list MUCH better than mine~