Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweening 2010

What a weekend. Busy. Good. Fun. Spoooky. All the above. Here's a re-cap. 

Marissa and Her Pumpkin:

Marissa's 5th grade class had a pumpkin decorating contest and Marissa won one of the 10 or so prizes awarded.  She was high on pumpkin love, let me tell you.  I'd like to tell you we were creative enough to think this one up, but we did a Google image search.  She looked for "cool" and I looked for easy.  Have to say it worked for both of us.

Halloween costumes:

Were pretty stress free this year.  Maren used the pumpkin costume I hand-labored over with blood, sweat, and tears for Marissa one year.  Marissa was the "like 80's girl". Like totally.  Like, I had no input whatsoever into the makings of that costume.  You know you're old when your high school years are "retro" and become cool again.

A mighty fine time was had by all.  The candy overfloweth. As did the sugar high and the giggling that accompanies such states.  Lucky Sue and Dennis were around to keep things sane. 

 The Two Bennets:

One of the highlights of our trick-or-treating adventures was hitting the care facility where my Dad, Bennet, is living.  One of the residents was even dressed as a witch and gave the girls a pretty good scare. We also got lucky and Baby Bennet was there too.  Love this shot.  What a perfect ending to a fun weekend.  Hope yours was a good one too!

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