Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Sweet Marissa is worried.  She is worried that Halloween may be cancelled this year due to the fact that we had our first snowfall this morning and it has just been ridiculously cold - even for Iowa- this early in October.  For a girl who likes her "treats" this would be cause for a period of great loss and mourning.

I have reaasured her that we've done Halloween in the snow before, we can do it again.  I am thinking this Halloween may be cancelled because I just can't get the creative juices flowing to get their costumes lined up.  Must be frozen, curse this Iowa weather. I have a thing about not spending a bunch of money on costumes and just like the homemade touch - to some extent. Somehow the inspiration and energy for this undertaking is on the low side this year.

This year, Sweet Marissa wants to be a pickle.  Don't know. Don't ask.  Just know she is fairly adamant about being a pickle.  Princess Maren wants to be a Bumble Bee. She saw this in the PB Kids magazine.  Not shelling out that kind of money for a Halloween costume.  So, I am hoping to be inspired from costumes past.  Here goes.

2004 Maren's cow would moo if you squeezed her belly.  So cute.  Marissa and I had more fun doing the make-up for her clown get-up.  She laughed her little rainbow wig off when she saw it.  Got her costume off e-bay and Maren's was a Marissa hand me down. Cheap year.

2005 Marissa was such a cute lil' pumpkin'.  This was the most work I have ever done on a Halloween costume.  Sewed it myself.  Talk about blind ambition.  I am not a seamstress.  Should have paid a little more attention in Home Ec (sp?) instead of hiding my latest novel in my text book. 

I was so busy with Marissa's costume that Maren got a little neglected - but thought the end result was pretty clever and easy and cheap.  She was one cute little lady bug. Oh, can I kiss the curve of that sweet cheek and smell that soft toddler hair.  Just one more time?

2006 I laugh when I look at this next group of pictures.  This is a classic example of a mother instructing her children to do something and they do it and then mom realizes she was giving very poor directions. I was trying to get them to each do something that their character would do.  So, I yelled out (meaning just Maren) "Cheer" - they did.

"No, no, no... pray!" (I assume angels do a little of that) meaning Maren cheer and Marissa pray - and they did that too.

And then finally Mom got her act together and everything went just right.  Love this shot. Hate that brown panelling.  That's a whole other post.

2008 - yep missed a year.  I accidently deleted 2007's Halloween pics - along with my older brother's wedding shots.  Not a good computer day.  This was taken at my parents house.  Wasn't that burning bush shrub beautiful?  And burning? No such color there this year. Sigh. 

SOOOOO, any pickle and bumble bee suggestions?  Anyone? Anyone?


Mrs. E said...

I am hopeless at costumes. Truly pathetic! However, your little "treats" are adorable! Can't wait ot see how you handle that pickle!!

My girls still remember the year the Mayor cancelled Halloween. 5 inches of ice will do that for you. They were so worried about a car not being able to stop and sliding into a group. We had snow today, too. The earliest I can ever remember it!

@nnie said...

oh, is Halloween this month? thanks for the reminder. I am totally OFF the ball, if that makes any sense. I loved looking over the years of your Halloween pics... makes for such a cute post. I am with you on spending $, just can't stand for it. last year, I bought ellie the pirate costume from Target, and she looked ridiculous. $25.00 doesn't buy a whole lot of Halloween Costume. It's almost like you have to do it yourself or take the 75.00 plunge. Love the enormous pumpkin costume you did, WOW! And all the others are so fun. I'll be crossing my fingers for warmer weather!

Kim said...

I have no doubt you will get it worked out. You're so amazing that way. Think warm though...I enjoyed looking at the pictures...