Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sit. Stay. Good Doggies.

I did a crazy thing. I told Shelly "yes" after some hemmin' and hawin' and maybe a little internal whining. I am an official volunteer in Potter's Workshop, the 3rd-5th grade kids program at our church. We counted 55 sweaty little energetic bodies in attendance this past week. Take a big whiff.... ahh yes, eau de pre-adolescents.

I'll back up a bit. Shelly actually wondered if the Captain would help and he said, "YES" and then looked at his schedule and flew off to Washington DC. Every Wednesday night in October. So our "shared" responsibility seems to have been deferred to the IAPilotWife. See, last year we had our VP3 class on Wednesday nights and as wonderful as it was, I was just ready to chill on Wednesday nights. Secretly though, I think the Captain knows what's good for me. Don't tell him I said that.

Because secretly, I love it! More than I thought I would. Although, sometimes I am a bit overwhelmed with the crowd control of my little group. Any suggestions on how to keep 15 kids quiet and paying attention for 30 minutes? Duct tape? Doses of Benadryl doled out at the door? I am seriously thinking about buying a dog clicker and throwing them liver treats if they could only roll-over be quiet for a few minutes straight. And maybe if a put my hair up in a bun and cut myself some bangs and wore all black and spoke with an English accent they would do much better too.
Actually, it does my heart good to hear them do their memory work, to praise God with their voices and to maybe have a few lightbulb moments. All that energy and enthusiasm is contagious. The last two weeks, we talked about being wise. The next two weeks our topic is individuality. Should be fun.

Seriously, suggestions on crowd control? I am open to anything. Well, probably not the drugs or the duct tape.


Baloney said...

Do they have to sit still? I might be able to help you if I knew the format.
I would definitely bribe them with treats. There's a reason they use them in dog training - they WORK!
I left you something on my blog today.

The B Keeper said...

What a blessing that you are a part of God's "light-bulb moments". Love that description....hanging on to that one.