Friday, October 30, 2009


I am blessed in so many ways, it really is sort of ridiculous.  Sometimes blessings are obvious and sometimes blessings sneak up on you.  This one snuck up on me, but I am so thankful to have two women in my life that started out more formally as "co-mentors" but now are friends of my heart. I am blessed.

Back in our VP3 class last fall, we were threatened encouraged by Pastor Jon to find a mentor.  The whole group collectively squirmed in their seats, I think.  A mentor? You mean we might have to think of someone and then we might have to call them up and ask them to mentor us? And what if we want them to mentor us but they don't really want to be our mentor? Oh so uncomfortable for our conservative, just a bit straight laced, please don't ask me to step outside the box group.  So I procrastinated until the last minute prayerfully considered my options and asked one of the gals in the group if she had a mentor yet (like this, Idon'tknowifyouhavefoundanyoneyetbutwouldyoubemymentor).  She said she and another gal in the group were going to start meeting, but they wouldn't be opposed to another person joining them. Phew. 

Our first meeting was definitely a "God-Thing".  We were blown away by how similar some of the things we were dealing with in our lives were and how it all seemed so connected.  I think there were a few tears, lots of laughing and just a general feeling that "normal" comes in many different shades and we were still somewhere on the spectrum.

We are a bit of an oddly grouped trio on the surface.  One of us is very driven, highly organized, and coordinates all of our meetings.  Date. Time. E-mail confirmation. That sort of thing. But under all that flows great integrity and compassion. (Hint, hint: That would not be me.) One of us is passionate in all things.  She is a giver.  She will go the extra mile and then some and when she loves she loves all the way.  One of us is a frazzled, overweight, scatterbrain who often interjects innapropriate comments into the conversation and has issues with self esteem. (cough, cough).

Our VP3 class is long finished, but yet we continue to meet every other week or so, barring sick kids or work obligations.  As I was backing the van out of the driveway after our last meeting, I teared up a bit.  I am so grateful for these women in my life.  I am so thankful that God obviously has a better (and often more organized) plan than I do.  I hope you have some of these friends of the heart in your life too.

Blessed, I tell you, completely blessed.

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The B Keeper said...

love the part about "normal" comes in many different shades. Sounds like you too, have found fantastic friends. I, too, am blessed to be your friend ! xo