Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Don't usually pay much attention to commercials, unless of course, my dear niece Madison happens to be in one, or unless they are really clever like this.  I always think our handles and the water spout in our bathtub look like a face.  Then while I am soaking I turn the handles with my feet to change the expression.   I also have that when I see a crescent moon.  I always pick out two stars to play the eyes.  Must be some sort of weird conditioning from trying to get smiley faces from my first grade teacher in elementary school.  Red smiley faces everywhere.  Also love the music on this one.  Any stringed instrument played so very well is such comfort to a mother whose daughter is learning to play the viola.

Here's my sweet niece in her Allstate commercial.  That's another commercial I won't miss. 


Baloney said...

Since we got a DVR I never see commercials. Is your niece the one in the blue dress?
I always make my kids food in to smiley faces. Do you?

Shannon said...

Yep, that's her! I don't do the food thing too much, unless it's with the ketchup.

@nnie said...

love both of those commercials. you're right... very clever.

Kim said...

I still visit you...sometimes more than others...just found the time today...dang I still need to get cards off to Chris, Dec and Rylie...you seem to be keeping up with it all...glad I took time out with you...Peace sister