Monday, November 22, 2010

Trains and not that Girlie stuff...

Maren often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to having friends over.  Marissa's best bud lives two blocks away and when they get bored at one house they traipse on over to the other's house to see what they can do about that.  Maren often gets left in the dust, unfortunately.  Luckily, Mr. Eyelashes Tyeson concedes to making a visit to girlie-land every now and then.  He always lets us know quite adamantly,"I'm not gonna play with those Barbies".

So, that usually means we bust out the trains.  Now when Marissa was Maren's age, she could play with trains all the live long day, and love every minute of it.  Maren would rather stick with the girlie-girl stuff, which as previoulsy indicated, Mr. Eyelashes Tyeson, being from a family of three boys, will have nothing to do with. It makes for an interesting dialogue. 

Maren: "Let's say that Lady had a baby train and they were going to go to school."

Tyeson: "OK", as he violently crashes two trains together on the drawbridge.

Maren: "And then let's say both of the parents died." (Do you ever notice how the parents are always dead in kids' stories, or um, is that just my kids? Yikes.)

Tyeson:  "Hold that story.  I have to go take a pee."

And he runs off to the bathroom and proceeds to accomplish this ( is Maren would indicate to me later) without even closing the door.

All gender stereotypes aside, they have a great time together.  It was actually our first snow day (or should we call it ice day) here this winter.  What a nice way to spend an afternoon.  Someday I'll have to tell you their "china" story.  Oh dear.

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@nnie said...

first things first, your photography keeps getting wonderfuller and more wonderfuller.

And the story of friends is too cute. You pull in such rich details and make it an irresistable little tale.