Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Brother...

This is me and my brother Don.  It's Don's birthday today.  We are five days shy of being exactly two years apart. Guess Mom and Dad really believed in "celebrating" Valentine's Day, back then.  Wink. Wink. So yes, if you're doing the math, I just turned 40 so that makes him 42.  You guys are sharp.

I'll have to say I think this is a pretty darn cute picture.  It's one of my favorites of us.  Pretty sure it made the Christmas card insert that year.  When I look at that picture (once I get past the paneling and the linoleum) I can't help but think it sort of sums up our relationship in a lot of ways.  We definitely fall into the whole birth order thing.  Don is the first born - driven, determined, 4.0 student, who always had more discipline in his little finger than I have in my entire body. Of course he would hold the pig.  I am forever the middle child - peace-maker, a little goofier, a little sillier, and not much of a competitor at all. I want to make peace with the pig and that may not include me holding it. 

 I think I would have always been a little more hesitant in life if I hadn't seen Don go there first. Don led. I followed. Obviously,this could have good or bad consequences.  Not so good when he decided to light a fire under the county bridge down the gravel road from our farmplace.  My parents were not so impressed with our resourcefulness.  It was cold that day. We needed to kill keep ourselves and our cousins dead warm. 

But, I did chose to go to a four year college and get my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, and boy am I glad I did.  Don went to college, so I did too.  Ever the over acheiver, Don went to a four year private college, got his chemistry degree, and then went to the University of Iowa another three years to become a pharmacist.  He was a RD, started up his own student care package delivery business, and probably had his schooling all paid for by the time he graduated, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  What's a girl to do?

I guess just be happy to have such a good example ever present in my life since the day I was born. He was my first playmate, my chauffer in our high school years, my guidance couselor when considering college and career paths.  He threw me an excellent party when I turned 21. He drove cross country and killed his transmission to come visit me in Tulsa. He has been a wonderful uncle to our girls.  As far as older brother go, I couldn't ask for better.  Love you Donnie!   Happy Birthday!!

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