Thursday, December 2, 2010

On My Mind...

I have lots of things on my mind lately.  Lots.  Like why is most nearly everything baked at 350 degrees.  There must be some explanation for this.  Why don't they give you a free broiler pan when you buy a new stove anymore.  Or is this just some figment of my imagination? I could have sworn we got a nice big broiler pan with the second to last oven we bought.  Not so this time.  Had to spring for the Walmart version, but have to say those broiled pork chops we had for dinner the other night were worth every red cent.

I'm thinking about winter.  It is cold here. Lots of cold.  We had such a nice fall that this seems to be an abrupt change. For the worse.  Winter means Christmas.  I am totally unprepared for Christmas.  We had a Christmas party at work today and it felt so odd.  I could be in trouble.

I'm thinking about books.  I read Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" this past week on our trip down to Oklahoma and Kansas over Thanksgiving.  He never fails to provide a thought provoking read.  He writes about airplane crashes and mitigated speech.  An interesting chapter for the pilot wife.  He writes about the Beatles and Bill Gates and their 10,000 hours.  He writes about success in terms of alot more hard work and less raw talent. Add in a good measure of opportunity, timing and perhaps the year and maybe even the day you were born and by jove, you might have it. That elusive recipe for success.  The ingredients will surprise you.

Also, my MIL slipped me a copy of  "The Hunger Games".  Not so much interested in apocalyptic sci-fi reads, or so I thought, but it has me hooked.  I started reading it with Marissa, but think that better wait a couple years.  Some graphic violent details come to light amidst a burgeoning love story.  This is the first book in a trilogy.  Glad to have a good read or two, but feel like this may be a highly distracted and sleep deprived Christmas season.

I'm thinking about diabetes.  I have decided to add another hat to the ever-growing tower and have taken a position as a diabetic educator at the hospital where I work.  A large percentage of the cardiac patients I work with also have diabetes, so it is not entirely foreign territory for me.  Definitely need to buff up on my type I and gestational dibetes, along with some of the new meds and insulins they have going on.  Hmmm, Diabetic Educator Journal or The Hunger Games?

I'm thinking about Bennet.  Both of them.  The little one is getting baptized this Sunday.  The elder one firmly kicked my behind in three rounds of Bingo this Tuesday.  He always was the lucky one. And how.  He had blood work done the other day and his liver enzymes are the best they have been in years.  His weight is back up. His color is good.  I like having two Bennets in my world.

I'm also thinking I should go to bed.  Have to teach ACLS tomorrow.  Sell some dishcloths. Pack for a slumber party.  Hope the snow stays north.  And be very thakful for all the above.

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@nnie said...

i swear to you i have been pondering the 350 degree thing lately myself. i guess it's the baking season and those of us in the kitchen with a 350 degree oven just get to wonderin. i can't wait to read Hunger Games. My girls are in the middle of other books, but I'm hoping after Christmas we can all read it together. or maybe just my 7th grader. Ellie is 10. Too young? i read Gladwell's Blink this summer. I didn't retain much detail, but got the main jist - so fascinating. Have you read What the Dog Saw? It's in my library but I haven't picked it up yet. i loved this post; would it flatter or anger you if I copied the format for my next post? I'll credit you!