Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bad Harry Days

Harry's hair has much to be desired these days. His momma Someone forgot his last haircut, and because of the holidays we had to wait until January 7th to reschedule.  He looks pathetic.  Just this little ball of fur running around with no eyes and a really bad straight down the middle 80's part. 

Yes, there really is a dog under all that hair.  Poor thing, sometimes when he is eating his food he jumps like he has been electrocuted or something, but I actually think his hair scares him when it's all hanging in his eyes like that.  Reminds me a little bit of this dude.

I could laugh at these two all day.  I have to chuckle at Harry and all his hair too.  I chuckled right up to the point where he ate Marissa's ipod earbuds that she had just gotten for Christmas.  Bad Harry, uh, hairy - oh never mind.


Mrs. E said...

Oh dear! Baxter has eaten one set of ear buds, a remote, several ink pens, and ripped a foot long hole in my almost new carpet. These two might be long lost relatives!! (His haircut is scheduled for Friday. He can't see out either!!) BUT...Harry sure is cute. AND, he is the reason we got Baxter! : )

Baloney said...

I used to have a cocker spaniel whose hair I would cut on occasion bc I couldn't get her in to the groomer fast enough. She chewed up anything left on the floor, too!

@nnie said...

The best thing we could've done was to adpot a doggie with a short haircut built in, because poor Cosmo, (our Yorkshire terrier) looked like your Hairy, I mean Harry all the time.

Dawn said...

LOL! Love that picture of Harry. Cute post.