Friday, December 31, 2010

Walk Like a (sore) Egyptian...

There is a reason there will be no pictures or video added to this post.  We bought the Wii Just Dance 2 game with Christmas money from Craig's grandpa and grandma.  Let's just say we have been bustin' moves that really shouldn't be busted.  Therefore, no pictures or video. Ever. Are you reading this Honey?

It really is hilariously fun and a good workout to boot.  Marissa and I have an on-going dance off with a forever stuck in my head Bollywood dance tune.  She is in the lead right now, but today is my day.  I can feel it in my gluteus maximus bones.  I could do a pretty mean "running man" back in the day. Turns out, the Captain does a pretty mean James Brown himself.  And should I be worried that Marissa used her Christmas itunes card to purchase "Walk Like an Egyptian"?  It's a revival, let me tell you. OK, so I can't resist, here's the original version.  You know you like it.

With a blizzard knocking on the door (2 inches and counting), the Captain most likely stuck on the east coast, and Maren recovering from the stomach flu, looks like our New Year's Eve celebration will be minimal.  But we can still dance the night away....sorta.

Here's hoping your New Year will be happy!


Craig said...

Ahh, MTV memories! That song has been in my head too lately. Well, maybe I'll make it home yet today. I write this as I'm flying on Delta to Minneapolis, on free holiday wi-fi courtesy of google chrome, very cool.
The forecast is supposed to improve later this afternoon, and if I can get on the 3 O'clock fight it looks good. Hope to see you & the girls this evening!

@nnie said...

so curious...
did the song get unstuck from your head?
did your gluteus maximus feel better?
did the captain make it home?

Happy 2011 to you and yours!