Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where Am I?

For a minute - well, make that about 30 - last night, I thought I was back in Tulsa.  We had one doozie of a storm.  I have always said that storms up here in Iowa are different than what I had experienced in T-town (does that "t" maybe stand for "tornado town"?).  They seem a little whimpier up here.  A little less violent.  Never quite had that intensity that one feels down South.  Well, I take that back.

Typically, the weather yesterday was hot and humid and then some.  The girls and I went for a bike ride (Hey! I got a new bike - more on that to follow) to the folks and came home just sopping wet with sweat.  We're talking a measly 5 blocks here folks and it looked like we had just completed RAGBRAI or something.  The evening news warned us about the bad weather to come and in retrospect, they had the time and place pretty much nailed.

So, about 10:30 or so the far off rumblings of thunder seemed to build.  I brought Maren to the basement to sleep down there with Marissa.  By 11:30 they had called the first tornado warning for our area, but it was east of here by a ways, so figured we were good on that one, but you could definitely feel the intensity of this storm.  It was non-stop cloud to ground lightning followed by quick and noisy cracks of thunder in succession.  I told the girls we could stay in Marissa's room unless the sirens went off or we heard the "train" coming.  I added this last bit jokingly to lighten the mood for both them and myself.  No sooner had those words been breathed from my lips than the sirens started.   I think I may have scarred them for life - if you went by the looks on their faces.

Off to the bathroom with the brick enclosed shower we went.  We sat on the floor with the lights flickering and our ears pitched for the train.  We prayed. Fervently.  Marissa actually suggested this.  I had been praying in my head all evening, but this was a good reminder for me to not only pray for my children, but with them.  I hate storms when the Captain is gone and tend to get a little uptight in time such as these. Not long after this the storm seemed to lose some of its oomph, but not before pouring out 5 inches of rain in those same thirty minutes I mentioned above.  Today at the hospital I heard they had a funnel cloud spotted just west between here and the next small town over, making good time, aim, and effort to hit the OC.

I'd like to think it was our fervent prayers that changed the course of this storm. Some may say, maybe. Some, maybe not. Some may say well, it was just a little storm, but these things do happen.  Just ask Mrs. E or the people of Parkersburg, Iowa.

 Parkersburg, Iowa  EF5 tornado 5-25-2008

 To me, it was a remarkable lesson in His faithfulness, protection and care, both for me and the girls.  I hope they remember that and not what a basketcase their momma was.  So along with your flashlight, your battery powered radio, your bottled water or whatever you need for your tornado preparedness kit, add a little fervent prayer - preferably by a nine and five year old.   It's a powerful thing.

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Mrs. E said...

I'm so glad that the worst missed you! Prayers are a powerful thing.

Just adding to your tornado kit-- a leash for your pets (people had to use drawstrings out of sweatpants for their animals), a flashlight for every two people (16 people tried to share one), and shoes that aren't flip flops or sandals (glass and debris in sandals isn't great!). Purses/wallets, car keys, and cell phones were invaluable!

I guess I did learn a few things from that mess!

PS. I think we had that huge rain move through here a few days before you. Our local lake is up 8 feet right now...and they can't let water out of the dam without flooding towns further down river. We're having good weather now, so I'm sending that your way!!