Monday, June 21, 2010


I tried to write a Hallmark type of Father's Day post, but just wasn't feeling it.  It seems a little bittersweet this year. 

Here's the sweet.  I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who also happens to be a wonderful Daddy too.  Although he is gone a lot, the Captain does his best to make up for that when he gets home.  The girls love their Daddy time and it's always fun to see the joy on their faces when his pickup hits the driveway.

Here's some more sweet.  My older brother Don and his wife are expecting in October.  This week, they found out they were having a BOY.  And guess what?  The plan is to name him Bennet James.  Bennet for our Dad and James for Michelle's Dad.  I can hardly type that without tearing up a little. It will be good to have another
Bennet in this world. Dad thinks so too. It has put a smile on my Dad's face and he has had some really good days this week.  It's been fun watching my brothers become Dads themselves.  They do a great job! I would post a picture of Nate, but he was dressing like a golf pro and wearing a white belt, so I couldn't bring myself to do it.

The bitter pill to swallow is seeing my Dad where he is at right now.  If I made a circle with my thumbs and my middle fingers, this would easily encompass the circumference of his thigh - with room to spare.  He tried so hard to be a part of the goings on of celebrating Father's Day but it all seemed to be way too much for him.  

I do know that good fathering gets passed down. I see it in the Captain with our girls. And in watching my brothers with their kids, I see echoes of the Father dad was for us.  When Nate tickles his boys to the point of bladder rupture, it reminds me of our Sundays after church, when it was an all star wrestling free for all.  When Don gives Lizzie sloppy kisses in her neck that she pretends to hate, it is all too reminescent of what my Dad used to do to me.  He has taught us all so much. For that and all the above, we will always be grateful.  Happy Father's Day Dad! 


Mrs. E said...

Happy Father's Day to your Dad. I wish him a peaceful transition. And I wish that for you, too. I sense tough times ahead, but great times behind you!

Craig said...

Ah, thanks Honey, nice post, you're being kind to me!

@nnie said...

oh shannon, you always say what you are feeling a little too well. my heart is saddened that you are having to see your daddy like none of us ever does. we do so want to hold on to those wrestling matches because THAT is our daddy. my prayers are with you and your father.